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a graduate school offering study leading to a medical degree

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The meeting highlighted the administrative efforts of the ministry in this regard as a number of specialized committees will be formed to study and set up a unified system of the financial allocations, salaries, allowances related to the nature of work, job requirements, promotion, working hours and other fields related to education, medical training and others.
Datavideo, a Taiwan-based manufacturer of products for the broadcast, AV, digital signage, education, medical and security industries, will be unveiling its SE-3000 HD/SD video switcher.
597 crore for roads, education, medical and community centres, an allocation of Rs.
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The Constitution and the effective legislation stipulates rights of children with disabilities to education, medical assistance, but this does not work in practice.
At the rally thousands of Ortega supporters waved his party's red and black flags and held banners praising the Sandinista's government focus on social programs, such as efforts to provide universal free education, medical coverage and decent housing.
Education, medical services, and military police experts will participate in the meeting.
The agreement, said Al Amiri, would tap the expertise and technology of the US Centre on Blood Research and other related aspects like continued medical education, medical research, blood cells, conferences and seminars.
Problems and difficulties were quite outstanding in areas such as employment, social security, income distribution, education, medical service, housing and production safety, Xinhua reported.
He takes as his case the colonies of France, where the French held out the promise of citizenship and promoted French education, medical and hygienic reform and agricultural techniques.
6m [pounds sterling] to education, medical, arts and humanitarian causes last year.
Business-class transatlantic airline MAXjet Airways Inc has enhanced its medical training and services contract with MedAire Inc (ASX:MDE), which provides a life-saving solution for managing medical emergencies, including 24/7 direct telephonic access to board-certified physicians, medical education, medical kits and defibrillators.
Education, medical and legal industries will all benefit greatly from the superior performance brought by xTag during recording, transcribing or translating speech.
Pro AV" was established in 1939 and is published monthly for a controlled circulation of 20,000 contractors, dealers, distributors and end-users in the education, medical, design, entertainment, government and health sciences markets, including systems integrators, designers/installers, consultants, architects, corporate training professionals, engineering management, and government officials.
The year-long sponsorship will enable the children - who would otherwise have scavenged on the dumps - to get an education, medical care and a school uniform including shoes.
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