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son of Henry Ford (1893-1943)


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Ypsilanti because that is where Edsel Ford, much to his father's dismay, built the Willow Run plant that was created to fulfill Edsel's commitment to bring automotive manufacturing techniques to the war effort, to build one B-24 an hour.
Company director Edsel Ford II, great-grandson of founder Henry Ford, said Mulally will not be leaving the company until the end of 2014, echoing Ford's repeated insistence that the 68-year-old will fulfil his current contract with the car maker.
Patrocinado por el hijo del fundador de la Compania Ford Motor, Edsel Ford, la obra se efectuo durante los anos de la Gran Depresion con un costo que, segun la especialista Jennifer Jolly, rebaso mas de la mitad del presupuesto anual que tenia en ese entonces el DIA.
The automaker is paying 29 percent more to Edsel Ford II, its founder's great-grandson, for his work as a director and consultant.
From Edsel Ford digging the first turf in May 1929 to the first vehicle, a Model AA truck, rolling off the production line in October 1931, the Dagenham estate took 28 months to build.
Mercury was invented in 1939 by Edsel Ford as a marginally upmarket alternative to the mainstream Ford brand and spent most of its history selling rebadged, plush versions of regular Ford products.
Wagner (January-February 2010): Unlike Buckminster Fuller, his friend Bill Stout was a highly effective inventor and businessman, the man who first interested Henry and Edsel Ford in aviation.
Byrd over an unexplored area of the Antarctic, discovering an unknown mountainous area that they named the Edsel Ford Range.
I'm thrilled to be with the keepers of my great-grandfather's legacy," Edsel Ford, referring to company founder Henry Ford, told those attending the opening banquet.
Edsel Ford II, great-great-grandson of company founder Henry Ford, attended an opening banquet.
Byrd se hizo famoso por haber dirigido expediciones, tanto aereas como terrestres, a Groenlandia y la Antartida, donde descubrio la cordillera Edsel Ford y la region de Marie Byrd.
While there, through Helen Mills, the tennis champion and his Egeria, Valentiner met Diego Rivera; once back in Detroit he persuaded his art committee to commission this Mexican artist to execute murals for the inner court, for which Edsel Ford paid, and which provide yet further testimony to Valentiner's love of modern art.
Honorary vice presidents have included Walt Disney, Laurence Rockefeller, Edsel Ford, and Mrs.
The fourth annual Dearborn Dance Festival will be held on Saturday, April 26, at Edsel Ford High School.