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son of Henry Ford (1893-1943)


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Ypsilanti because that is where Edsel Ford, much to his father's dismay, built the Willow Run plant that was created to fulfill Edsel's commitment to bring automotive manufacturing techniques to the war effort, to build one B-24 an hour.
html) Bloomberg , Edsel Ford told the company's board: "Frankly, [Mulally] has told us that his plan is to stay with Ford through the end of 2014.
WESTBORO Edsel Ford Carr, age 93, formerly of Westboro, Massachusetts, passed away March 19, 2009.
I'm thrilled to be with the keepers of my great-grandfather's legacy," Edsel Ford, referring to company founder Henry Ford, told those attending the opening banquet.
Edsel Ford II, great-great-grandson of company founder Henry Ford, attended an opening banquet.
While there, through Helen Mills, the tennis champion and his Egeria, Valentiner met Diego Rivera; once back in Detroit he persuaded his art committee to commission this Mexican artist to execute murals for the inner court, for which Edsel Ford paid, and which provide yet further testimony to Valentiner's love of modern art.
Honorary vice presidents have included Walt Disney, Laurence Rockefeller, Edsel Ford, and Mrs.
The fourth annual Dearborn Dance Festival will be held on Saturday, April 26, at Edsel Ford High School.
Earlier today--in connection with a book project I'm working on--I was looking at a photo of Edsel Ford in the first Ford-built GP, dated February 28, 1941.
FIRST AND LAST: Edsel Ford (above) cuts the first turf for the plant that turned out its first vehicle, a Model A truck (inset top) in 1931, Anglias (above) and its last few Fiesta (right)
Regular churchgoer Edsel Ford, a member of Ford's founding family, was furious to be sent the merchandise catalogue to his US home.
Rockefeller, Edsel Ford, Dolores Del Rio, Maria Felix, and Paulette Goddard appearing at appropriate moments.
The time capsule unsealed by Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer and Detroit 300 Chairman Edsel Ford II on the eve of Detroit's 300th birthday offers a unique, personal perspective on the changes wrought by a century.
So they settled for Edsel, an odd name for a car, an even odder name for a chap, the chap in question being Edsel Ford, Henry's boy