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Irish writer (born in 1932)


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Haunted Malvern Festival Theatre Edna O'Brien is better known as a novelist than a dramatist, and it is perhaps no coincidence that the best aspects of this play, first staged at the Royal Exchange in Manchester last year, sound like elegant prose.
Likewise in the Twentieth Century section, the last two entries are for Edna O'Brien and Patrick Cavanaugh, O'Brien now missing from the Norton 8th, and Cavanaugh never anthologized.
Edna O'Brien, as McGoohan's wife Kathleen, narrates the film, which also features a rare film appearance by Belfast-born Derek Lord.
More recently, James Joyce, Liam O'Flaherty, Elizabeth Bowen, Sean O'Faolain, Patrick Kavanagh, Flann O'Brien, Patrick O'Brien, Iris Murdoch, Benedict Kiely, Brian Moore, William Trevor, Edna O'Brien, John McGahern, and Brian O'Doherty, among others, have been added to the list of important Irish writers.
IT'S A TANGLED web indeed woven by Edna O'Brien in her three-character play ``Triptych,'' an opus that appears to be a love triangle (is there such a thing as a love square?
The controversies generated by the banning of works by John McGahern and Edna O'Brien in the 1960s helped fuel the movement for reform, and in 1967 the censorship legislation was overhauled.
Edna O'Brien captures the essence of the Irish countryside and people in a way reminiscent of James Joyce.
Gebler, the son of Irish novelist Edna O'Brien, premiers his play in a theatre in Kilburn, London this Thursday.
Other famous names include, Helen Fielding author of Bridget Jones; Irish novelist Edna O'Brien, Roy Hattersley, Beryl Bainbridge and naughty Peter Rabbit who, this year, celebrates 100 years of getting into trouble.
And though Bradford successfully punctures the Kennedy myth, author and friend Edna O'Brien explains why the allure of Jackie continues to linger in our psyche.
DOWN BY THE RIVER By Edna O'Brien Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 256 pages $23 hardback
X, Y and Zee (1971) written by Edna O'Brien, with a star-studded cast including Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Caine and Susannah York
Roseberry Topping, Great Ayton, picture by Edna O'Brien, of Middlesbrough
O'Rourke's piece on the Heaney funeral had more gravitas as he spoke to Edna O'Brien then followed with an in-depth interview with Hans Blix on the Syrian crisis.
Award-winning Irish novelist and short story writer Edna O'Brien has penned nearly 30 books during a career spanning more than five decades.