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Irish writer (born in 1932)


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On Edna O'Brien, Villar-Argaiz highlights her deliberate intent to transcend "repressive communal impositions" by devising "alternative communitarian forms" (178) in which marginalised characters can be accommodated.
Jonathan Lethem, Hermione Lee, Claudia Roth Pierpont, and Edna O'Brien introduced Roth.
En "Gendered Reproductions of Irish Nationhood: from the Global to the Local in Edna O'Briend's Down by the River", Auxiliadora Perez Vides a traves del analisis de la novela de Edna O'Brien, Down by the River denuncia la alienacion de las mujeres irlandesas, que deben sacrificar sus intereses personales por un ideal nacionalista configurado desde una ideologia patriarcal.
Yet Roth turned 80 on March 19, and Roth himself, as his friend Edna O'Brien stated publicly, "recently believed that the number 80 was a house number.
In a way, winter is the real spring, the time when the inner things happen, the resurgence of nature," says Irish novelist, poet, playwright and short-story writer Edna O'Brien, who has lived her life digging deep into the psyches and thoughts of women.
Irish writer Edna O'Brien said that the former 007 star advised her against trying the drug and claimed that the Scottish actor told her how his trip with psychiatrist RD Laing had a "freight of terrors".
Contributors include Edna O'Brien, Seamus Heaney, Anne-Marie Duff, Andrew Motion, Jane Horrocks, Cillian Murphy, Alun Armstrong, Eileen Atkins and Jonathan Pryce.
Tras ellos han reflexionado en torno al tema pensadores y escritores de la estatura de Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell y Edna O'Brien, por mencionar unos cuantos.
Maureen O'Connor takes up a comparable position in her essay on Edna O'Brien.
Haunted Malvern Festival Theatre Edna O'Brien is better known as a novelist than a dramatist, and it is perhaps no coincidence that the best aspects of this play, first staged at the Royal Exchange in Manchester last year, sound like elegant prose.
Likewise in the Twentieth Century section, the last two entries are for Edna O'Brien and Patrick Cavanaugh, O'Brien now missing from the Norton 8th, and Cavanaugh never anthologized.
SAN FRANCISCO A Magic Theater presentation of a play in two acts by Edna O'Brien, based on her novel "The Country Girls.
Edna O'Brien, as McGoohan's wife Kathleen, narrates the film, which also features a rare film appearance by Belfast-born Derek Lord.
IT'S A TANGLED web indeed woven by Edna O'Brien in her three-character play ``Triptych,'' an opus that appears to be a love triangle (is there such a thing as a love square?
The controversies generated by the banning of works by John McGahern and Edna O'Brien in the 1960s helped fuel the movement for reform, and in 1967 the censorship legislation was overhauled.