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king of the English who led resistance to Canute but was defeated and forced to divide the kingdom with Canute (980-1016)


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There were grounds for conjecturing, that Sir Edmund Andros intended at once to strike terror by a parade of military force, and to confound the opposite faction by possessing himself of their chief.
Next, moving slowly, with a confused clatter of hoofs on the pavement, rode a party of mounted gentlemen, the central figure being Sir Edmund Andros, elderly, but erect and soldier-like.
He, however, blenched not a step, but glancing his severe eye round the group, which half encompassed him, at last bent it sternly on Sir Edmund Andros.
demanded Sir Edmund Andros, in loud and harsh tones.
The people suffered much wrong while Sir Edmund Andros ruled over them," continued Grandfather; "and they were apprehensive of much more.
Grandfather told how, at the first intelligence of the landing of the Prince of Orange in England, the people of Massachusetts rose in their strength and overthrew the government of Sir Edmund Andros.
That his father was very poor we know, for Edmund Spenser's name appears among "certain poor scholars of the schools about London" who received money and clothes from a fund left by a rich man to help poor children at school.
When he was about seventeen Edmund went to Cambridge, receiving for his journey a sum of ten shillings from the fund from which he had already received help at school.
We'll go and see Edmund," she said, catching Saxon by the hand and leading the way.
And you're pretty big," the little woman smiled; "but Edmund is taller than you, and broader-shouldered.
But you don't need all that land, dear lad," Edmund said softly.
It is a great question with Jack Hastings whether Edmund dotes more on Dulcie, or Dulcie dotes more on Edmund.
Which Edmund certainly has not,' said Mrs Merdle, with the greatest suavity.
If you have any doubt of my judgment, ask even Edmund Sparkler.
And Edmund Sparkler will tell you, I dare say,' said Mrs Merdle, waving her favourite hand towards her husband, 'how he has heard it noticed.