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the capital of the province of Alberta

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Growing up in Edmonton, Canada we had to fight to skate.
The Queen came face to face with a Jersey cow as she talked to the crowds on the streets of Edmonton, Canada.
During a speech in Edmonton, Canada, Dr Lester Friedlander stated ex-colleagues with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) have told him of cases the department has chosen not to announce.
The scientists measured arsenic on the hands of 130 children who visited 16 public playgrounds in Edmonton, Canada, over the period 5-21 August 2003.
Caroline is expected to miss the band's upcoming North American tour which is scheduled to begin in Edmonton, Canada, on August 2.
Last December, two men held hands and walked down bustling Whyte Avenue in Edmonton, Canada.
The most exciting confrontation --and upset --was in Edmonton, Canada, when Block defeated the Olympic champion for the 2001 world 100m title.
Last summer, the 12-year-old from Edmonton, Canada, received a heart transplant.
KS Biomedix has facilities in Guildford and Farnham in the UK as well as in Edmonton, Canada, and Philadelphia in the United States.
Edmonton, Canada, announced it's experimental immunosuppressive drug ISA(TX)247 will be administered to its first kidney transplant patient very shortly in a phase II clinical trial.
PPM 2000, Edmonton, Canada, provides internal incident tracking software that can be applied locally or across all company sites.
SOME FIVE HUNDRED students from universities around the Americas will meet March 27-31 in Edmonton, Canada, to practice their skills at international policy-making.
He's in Edmonton, Canada, now working on his doctorate in the same area where my father pastored for so many years when I was a kid.
CRC owns manufacturing and warehouse facilities in Tulsa, OK, and Edmonton, Canada, and leases other facilities in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.
Last month, Charles Allard, a medical doctor turned TV mogul, died in his hometown of Edmonton, Canada, after a battle with lung cancer, at the age of 71.