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French dramatist and poet whose play immortalized Cyrano de Bergerac (1868-1918)


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Still, it is possible to generalize and say that most off-Broadway musicals will fall comfortably into one of two categories: the spiritual descendants of The Threepenny Opera, the caustic Brecht-Weill musical that was resuscitated off-Broadway in 1954 after failing on Broadway in '33, and the descendants of The Fantasticks, the sweet, minimalist musical, based on a forgotten Edmond Rostand play, that has been running in its tiny Greenwich Village theater for forty-one years.
Then he had her play-act a scene from Cyrano de Bergerac, the play by Edmond Rostand about a man with an unspeakably large nose whose words and honor win the heart of the lovely Roxanne.
Edmond Rostand composed Cyrano de Bergerac in a tub.
Marseilles is associated with many French writers, including Victor Gelu, Valere Bernard, Pierre Bertas, Edmond Rostand and Andre Roussin.
Based on the Edmond Rostand play Cyrano de Bergerac, the ballet tells the tale of a love triangle between beautiful Roxane, her suitor Christian de Neuvillette and Cyrano.
The Fantasticks,'' written by Tom Jones with music composed by Harvey Schmidt, is based on the play ``Les Romanesques'' by Edmond Rostand.
Tolstoy wrote in the morning, Dostoyevsky late at night, and Benjamin Franklin and Edmond Rostand at any time, but preferably in the bathtub.