Edmond Malone

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English scholar remembered for his chronology of Shakespeare's plays and his editions of Shakespeare and Dryden (1741-1812)

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25) The forgery, published in 1796, was detected by (among others) Edmond Malone, a lawyer as well as a Shakespeare scholar, who had earlier scooped his fellow scholars by giving a full analysis of the Chatterton evidence.
See Arthur Sherbo's and Peter Martin's entry on George Steevens and Edmond Malone respectively in the Dictionary of National Biography's online database.
One of the things that recommends this book is that Keevak constantly reminds us that far from being simply a recent concern, the controversy surrounding Shakespeare's sexuality, and particularly the sexuality depicted in the Sonnets, was well in place by the end of the eighteenth century, with George Stevens refusing to publish an edition of the Sonnets on essentially moral grounds and criticizing Edmond Malone for doing so.
Doubtless for every William Henry Ireland who has been steered into the history books by a dedicated cicerone like Edmond Malone, there are others whose `talents,' for whatever reason, have remained secret; and a genius, even for criminality, known to none but the perpetrator, must yield an unsatisfying sort of pleasure, despite its appreciable effect of keeping a person out of jail or at least free from obloquy.
The balance between belief and skepticism was upset by Edmond Malone.