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Synonyms for squeak

Synonyms for squeak

a short high-pitched noise

Related Words

something achieved (or escaped) by a narrow margin

make a high-pitched, screeching noise

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Mr Edmed, a member of an Ofwat advisory group developing a licensing regime for competition to enter the marketplace, said yesterday, at his home near Evesham, that the meeting had been held last Tuesday.
While Brian Whitty, the chief executive of South Staffordshire Group was explaining the demerger to City water industry analysts, Mr Edmed was briefing The Birmingham Post about Aqua Resources formal inquiry.
Robshaw and Askew were on target for the Durham side, Edmed and Brownsword replying for Sparta.
Stuart Ransley (3-13) and Scott Edmed (3-29) looked to have bowled Saints to victory - but it wasn't to be.
In addition, the electrical conductivity of the cobalt allows PCD to be EDMed.
On the scoresheet were Edmed and Brownsword for Sparta, with Hamlin, Sharpe, Underwood, Jones and Franklin all on the mark for Whickham.
Stuart Ransley took 3-47 off 12 overs for the Saints and Scott Edmed 2-42 off 12.
Stuart Ransley took 2-33 for the Saints, Jarrad Tait 2-49, Jack Lansdown 2-81 and Scott Edmed 1-40.
Only Gareth Hayden (44) and captain Mark Payne (20) hung around long as Scott Edmed (four for 25) and Stuart Ransley (three for 31) both got Swansea in a spin.
Ray Edmed, a director of West Midlands water company Aqua Resources, said the Trust had refused to allow equipment on to the land which would be there for seven days testing the quality of the water from the bore hole.
The titanium implant is turned for the two major part diameters, a hex-shaped hole in one end is EDMed and a tapered 0.
Top batsman for Port Talbot Town was Glamorgan's Dan Cherry (23) as Stuart Ransley took 3-13 off 11 overs for the Saints and Scott Edmed 3-29 off 12.
Scott Edmed with 4-37 was the pick of the St Fagans attack - and he was also joint-top scorer on 52, going in at number 11.