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Not a bit; the senior editor read it and thought it highly instructive; it appears in the next issue.
This Globe despatch awoke the newspaper editors with an unexpected jolt.
In the present case the line bracketed is the very last which a full-grown male editor would be likely to interpolate.
somnambules = sleep walkers; editors = Cooper had very little respect for the press}
From time to time the Grand Vizier sends a notice to the various editors that the Cretan insurrection is entirely suppressed, and although that editor knows better, he still has to print the notice.
Then we would talk of agents and the offers they had obtained for us; of editors and the sort of contributions they welcomed, how much they paid a thousand, and whether they paid promptly or otherwise.
I very soon began receiving all kinds of propositions from lecture bureaus, and editors of magazines and papers, to take the lecture platform, and to write articles.
Certain articles were to be written; certain editors approached.
Sitting on the deck at Helen's feet she went on turning the pages and reading biographies of bankers, writers, clergymen, sailors, surgeons, judges, professors, statesmen, editors, philanthropists, merchants, and actresses; what clubs they belonged to, where they lived, what games they played, and how many acres they owned.
But I'm sure yours wouldn't be, Anne, for it's likely editors have more sense nowadays.
Editors and publishers would not look at it, and now Daylight was using the disgruntled author in a little private secret service system he had been compelled to establish for himself.
Each day he did three thousand words, and each evening he puzzled his way through the magazines, taking note of the stories, articles, and poems that editors saw fit to publish.
Of course, Japanese editors ran the policy of these papers, which policy they got direct from Tokio.
SOME editors of newspapers were engaged in diffusing general intelligence and elevating the moral sentiment of the public.
Sometimes, in return, he helped editors, or got rid of obstacles to the performances of some play; gave gratuities and good dinners at the right moment, or promised his services to bring some affair to a happy conclusion.