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an article giving opinions or perspectives

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Subsidy expenses which have been on the rise over the last years (53 billion DH in 2012) will decrease, with savings expected to range between 10 and 13 billion DH, the editorialist writes, adding that "2013 was lucky for Benkirane's government as international oil prices remained stable for months, just like the US dollar appreciation".
I shared some of our ideas about how we use our blog to debate one another, something other editorialists seem reluctant to do.
And all the editorialists confirmed that the general trend toward an increased risk of myocardial infarction was compatible with results from the previously reported meta-analysis.
Some, such as the editorialists at The Wall Street Journal, used the occasion to declare that U.
But two years ago, the McCain-Feingold Act prohibited parties from raising soft money, a goal long sought by liberal newspaper editorialists and good-government activists.
The editorialists at the Los Angeles Times have played up the same holy-warrior motif, describing the secession movement as a ``destructive crusade'' and its backers as ``zealots'' and an ``army of mercenaries.
While helping to clarify the risks associated with such transplants, the editorialists said the study left the benefits in question.
Two days later, the Washington Post's left-wing editorialists assailed Moore as an "unrepentant homophobe" afflicted with "prejudice and paranoia" who had displayed "blatant bigotry" that "warrants his removal from the court.
Silence from the editorialists, silence from the feminists, denial by the lawyers.
But this lack of evidence didn't frustrate The Washington Post editorialists.
Editorialists, Lynne Cheney at their head, excoriated what they termed untraditional views of the American past and the downgrading of Western civilization in the larger historical approach to the rest of the world.
Released nearly two years ago, Richard Linklater's Slacker continues to inspire headscratching among editorialists.
Rabat - Downgrading of Morocco's MSCI index by Morgan Stanley Capital international and the showdown in the government coalition are the major topics commented by Moroccan editorialists this June 13, 2013.
Williams said it's the job of editorialists, in the tradition of great American twentieth-century writers, to give voice to race issues in this era.