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Synonyms for edit

Synonyms for edit

prepare for publication or presentation by correcting, revising, or adapting

supervise the publication of

cut and assemble the components of

cut or eliminate

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Now dick into cell D1 and go to the Edit menu and choose Paste Special.
The Edit menu allows the user to toggle the editing capabilities.
When Maximizer opens, it presents a file and edit menu typical of Windows' applications and an icon toolbar.
What would lead somebody who knows nothing about computers to go to the Edit menu looking for Cut and Paste to move an object from one window to the next?
Many of the menu and toolbar functions are redundant, allowing user preference; in fact, using the edit menu, the toolbar can be eliminated if desired.
Select the whole text (you can do this by choosing Select All from the Edit menu, or you can hold down Ctrl and press the letter A).
Go to the Edit menu and click on Paste Special and select the Values radio button and click on OK.
From the Select menu click All, and then from the Edit menu click Copy.
A THE simplest way is to use Copy and Paste to copy the text of the original message into a new one (you'll find both commands on the Edit menu of the message window in most email programs).
edu) active, you triple click the mouse on the text, which highlights it; then you use the Edit menu and select "Copy" for the text.
Another Macintosh constant has been the Edit menu, that is, the idea of selecting items in preparation for applying a function to the selection.
This is done by highlighting the row just above the totals, then choosing Insert from the Edit menu as many times as is necessary.
Our system even allows our candidates to respond to a company from their resume's Edit Menu on our web site," said Deighan.
Each sample pad provides swift adjustment and full customization of pitch, volume and sample loop durations via the edit menu, as well as a choice of sample sounds including drum loops, snare rolls, percussion, bass sounds, risers, sirens and special fx.