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Synonyms for edit

Synonyms for edit

prepare for publication or presentation by correcting, revising, or adapting

supervise the publication of

cut and assemble the components of

cut or eliminate

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A THE simplest way is to use Copy and Paste to copy the text of the original message into a new one (you'll find both commands on the Edit menu of the message window in most email programs).
Another Macintosh constant has been the Edit menu, that is, the idea of selecting items in preparation for applying a function to the selection.
Our system even allows our candidates to respond to a company from their resume's Edit Menu on our web site," said Deighan.
Each sample pad provides swift adjustment and full customization of pitch, volume and sample loop durations via the edit menu, as well as a choice of sample sounds including drum loops, snare rolls, percussion, bass sounds, risers, sirens and special fx.
A CHOOSE Preferences from the Edit menu in Communicator, and click the plus symbol beside the word Advanced on the left side of the dialog that appears.
With Sonic DVD Producer, creative professionals can graphically edit program chains, links and seamless branches as well as edit menu buttons and highlight areas.
Nearly every Windows program provides the cut, copy and paste options in the Edit menu selection.
An option available from the View menu on Windows & the Edit menu on the Mac allowing users to edit which services are on which ports (i.
To access the forum from the Microsoft Network, click the Edit menu, point to Go To, and then click Other Location.
find CarSource on MSN, users can select Go To from the MSN Edit menu and