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Replace all functionality of Novell eDirectory with Microsoft Active Directory.
The fact that everything HelpDesk integrates with eDirectory, GroupWise and ZENworks keeps important information accurate while simplifying administration of the database.
Alpha NetSolutions, software integrator and Novell Platinum partner, was responsible for the integration between Trapeze's Mobility System on Novell's SUSE Linux and eDirectory.
Embedded in Novell ConsoleOne, ActivPack uses the central management capabilities of edirectory to assign and associate users to tokens and smart cards and to manage tasks such as initialising tokens, resynchronising, importing and storing user credentials and data.
To unify IDACORP Energy's existing resources into one system and increase interoperability, Novell Consulting used Novell Account Management to synchronize Novell eDirectory to the company's existing Microsoft Active Directory.
Previous access solutions have required Novell client software on workstations to take advantage of the management features of eDirectory.
Not only does NDS eDirectory allow service providers to manage millions, or even billions of NIMS e-mail accounts, but it also brings those e-mail accounts together with user information, accounting and billing processes, hardware, etc.
Novell says it is offering the tool free of charge to add greater flexibility to NDS eDirectory and to ensure customers have tools to effectively administer net infrastructure resources.
By delivering eDirectory across major operating systems, including Linux, Novell gives businesses the power to transcend traditional network boundaries and to create a secure foundation for conducting business across the Net.
NDS eDirectory, which is an open standards-based directory for managing network resources in Internet environments, will now allow customers to integrate their existing mix of Unix, NetWare, Linux, Windows 2000 and Windows NT servers and clients under a single directory structure, while NDS Corporate Edition will provide the ability to manage Linux users and groups.
Organizations that run eDirectory in their environments can utilize ERPM to automatically discover, store, change and monitor account passwords in the cross-platform enterprise.
New Agents use Novell Storage Management Services (SMS) for Hot Backups of Novell Groupwise, eDirectory, and iFolder
With this agreement Novell supplies the LDAP directory that ships with SAP Portals Enterprise Portal, and customers have the assurance that eDirectory has proven integration with the solution.
the worldwide leader in email and Web security appliances, today announced it has expanded authentication capabilities of its Barracuda Web Filter product line with Novell eDirectory, a popular identity management and policy control tool used by many Fortune 500 companies as well as educational organizations.
Fingerprint Sensor Solutions are Expanding eDirectory Applications and Technology in Financial, Educational, Health Care and Government Sectors