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Andreas Dahl, after who the plant is named, regarded it as a vegetable rather than a garden flower but interest switched from the edible tubers to the blooms when the first varieties with large, double flowers were bred in Belgium in 1815.
The sow taught them how to find edible tubers, herbs, nuts, fruits and insect larvae.
CELEB GUEST: James Wong " James gave a talk about the many exotic edible tubers that can be grown in British gardens, and signed copies of his latest book which inspires growers to try a vast array of unusual crops from around the world.
Already they have dug an "edible swimming pool" - a pond containing edible tubers in which their animals can take a dip - and plan to have pigs, despite Jules' veggie principles, Hand-laid hedges provide woody material for the production of biochar, a soil nutrient that is supplemented by manure from a gaggle of poultry.