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The plant most commonly eaten by the hermits in isolated caves was Melagria, identified as asphodel, a plant common in the Judean Desert, with edible tubers.
The sow taught them how to find edible tubers, herbs, nuts, fruits and insect larvae.
Nutsedge is native to Egypt, where its edible tubers are harvested and roasted.
They are easy to cultivate and produce large, edible tubers if separated and planted in rich soil.
This native sunflower produces edible tubers resembling a dahlia tuber.
Edible tubers, bulbs with water-bearing flesh, and medicinal plants all grow here.
Apios Americana is a native North American legume which produces both edible tubers and seeds.
For example, plants such as the grainy and leafy amaranth from the Andes region of South America, as well as the edible tubers of the buffalo gourd found in Mexico and the southwestern United States, display rapid growth, especially in arid or drought-stricken areas.