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These include edible roots, fruit and vegetable fibers, the ubiquitous palm tree, and the remains of shellfish.
For as long as I can remember, there has always been a small plot in my parents' backyard in Houston dedicated to growing peppers, cucumbers, okra, peas, tomatoes, beans and a host of other edible root and vine plants.
The Hadsabe, a hunter-gatherer group in East Africa, have no word for "hunger" because they always know where to find edible roots.
Last night he was simply challenged to dig up edible roots, build a roof and go on a fishing trip.
Descriptions of more than 30 tropical and some hardy tubers, edible roots, rhizomes and corms are included the book.
Particularly moving is a description of a day of gathering when women, many of them supervising small children, traveled many miles to dig edible roots and then carried back up to 80 pounds each of roots in bags made of animal skins, returning home exhausted just before the sun set.
Reading our own Krest'ianskaia gazeta, we learn how to till our mother land, how to fertilize it and restore its strength without manure through sowing grasses and edible roots, and plowing under winter tillage.
She also helped her parents raise corn and cassava, a plant with edible roots.
World Food Program (WFP) said Tuesday the people of North Korea have run out of crops that were harvested last year and many are surviving on edible roots and grasses.
Vegetable juice (Refers to the re-processing of the fresh or frozen vegetables, including edible roots, stems, leaves, flower, fruit, edible fungi, edible algae and ferns, such as raw materials, and obtaining by adding water, salt, sugar, modulation from the products, such as tomato juice, carrots juice and so on);
Tenders are invited for Edible roots and tubers with a high content of starch and inulin (long-term potato storage)
Most of their requirements like wood for building purposes, resins, gums, dyes, firewood, herbal medicines, fodder for cattle, mahua flowers, sal seeds, sal and Tendu leaves, edible roots, tubers, bamboo and wild fruits are met by the forests.
n Sweet potatoes, which are edible roots, white or orange, cooked in the same way as potatoes.
Afghan soldiers know how to catch and cook wild birds like mountain chickens and where to find sour edible roots underground.