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English writer noted for his crime novels (1875-1932)

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The first edition in 1927 featured a 25,000-word story by Edgar Wallace.
To paint an honest picture of Edgar Wallace, The Birmingham Post War Reporter, Ross Reyburn had of course, to quote his almost childishly jingoistic anti-Germany language.
Undoubtedly he would have liked to represent some great newspaper at the front, but Kitchener's old ban had not been lifted and he had to be content with writing about the war from a safe distance," wrote Margaret Lane in her absorbing biography ofher father-in-law, Edgar Wallace - The Biography of a Phenomenon - published in 1939.
com Writer Edgar Wallace was The Birmingham Daily Post's military correspondent > able is his very unpromising beginnings.
Tellingly, Artur Brauner, the producer of Morituri, shied away from controversial political topics for some time afterward-opting instead for successful B-movies, such as the Edgar Wallace crime stories and Karl May Westerns-before returning hesitantly to wartime topics later in his career with Charlotte (1980) and Eine Liebe in Deutschland (1983).
And before you say "yeah-yeah but Conan Doyle was a real author", among Blake's biographers were such stars as Edgar Wallace, Peter Cheyney, John Creasey, Leslie Charteris, creator of The Saint, and the distinguished Dorothy L Sayers.
Joining those two releases are new editions from Retromedia's RetroGold catalog: “The Edgar Wallace Collection Volume 1” and “The Edgar Wallace Collection Volume 2.
So it was that Edgar Wallace was able to scoop the peace treaty for his paper and put himself on the road to fame and fortune.
Bill Davidson, Aberdeen A The 1959-60 series was based on a 1906 Edgar Wallace novel and the 1939 film of the same name, which cast the characters in a more sinister light.
TODAY APRIL 1875: Edgar Wallace, thriller writer and journalist, was born in London.
The judges found in favour of the Jockey Club in its friendly action against thriller-writer Edgar Wallace, establishing that entry fees were recoverable at law.
The scope and rigor of this work reminds one of a philosophy of educational history of another era, the era of Edgar Wallace Knight, Ellwood Patterson Cubberley, and Lawrence A.
As to why King Kong doesn't devour her on the spot is a mystery that can only be answered by Edgar Wallace and Merian C.
Verdict: Edgar Wallace thriller which grips and twists
1875 - Edgar Wallace, thriller writer and journalist, was born in London.