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United States writer and poet (1809-1849)


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It was from the mutual dependence of principles that Edgar Poe deduced the existence of a Divine Author, in Eureka.
To Edgar Poe, the individual mind is part of the mind of the Demiurge, embodied in matter.
THE TRIALS OF EDGAR POE A starstruck audience--Richmond, Virginia, at November's end--had seen the tale unfolding in Eliza's ruined looks, her now-grave, all-too-gaunt appearance: all was black.
Premonitorio, Poe hizo todo lo humanamente posible para caer en manos de la vulgarizacion psicoanalitica y se merece las tonterias que sobre el y su obra dijo, en Edgar Poe / Etude psychanalytique (1958), la princesa Marie Bonaparte.
Thus, for example, she offers a reading of "La Solitude" that takes us through references to Pascal, partially via La Bruyere, Edgar Poe, and Sainte-Beuve.
In the 19th century Edgar Poe and others represent the western wilderness as a series of idealized landscapes, whether it be manmade gardens or forests--which either upheld or misrepresented ecological space.
Ses premiers ecrivains preferes--Jules Verne, Edgar Poe, et Stendhal--, et la musique de Wagner qu'il avoue tant avoir appreciee, nourriront ses recits quand l'instituteur Louis Poirier deviendra l'ecrivain Julien Gracq, en 1938, lors de la parution d'Au Chateau d'Argol.
Quiza un joven bostoniano, muerto dos decadas antes del nacimiento de Schwob, es el modelo idea del perfil trazado: Edgar Poe.
No es, en manera alguna, desdoro hablar de nadie en funcion de la estrella negra de Edgar Poe.
In 1859 <IR> SARAH HELEN WHITMAN </IR> published Edgar Poe and His Critics, the first full-length defense of her fiance.
In a letter to Armand Fraisse written in 1858, Baudelaire describes his first reading of Poe's work: "In 1846 or 1847 I became acquainted with a few fragments of Edgar Poe.
Perhaps in no other era in the history of the cinema did the ideas of Edgar Poe inspire so many directors on both sides of the Atlantic.
The parallels start even with the two artists' names: Bob Dylan was born Robert Allen Zimmerman ('Allen' with an e), officially changing his name in 1962, while the orphan Edgar Poe became Edgar Allan Poe ('Allan' with an a) after being taken in by the Richmond merchant John Allan.
De acuerdo con Shawn James Rosenheim, autor del libro The Cryptographic Imagination: Secret Writing from Edgar Poe to the Internet (Johns Hopkins University Press), el padre de la criptografia moderna es Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849), y sus principales seguidores en los laberintos de la escritura secreta han sido hasta ahora Saussure, Barthes, Derrida y Lacan.
Y que la barca navegue cenida al viento de la Narracion de Arthur Gordon Pym que sono Edgar Poe.