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United States writer and poet (1809-1849)


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While Edgar Poe was editor of the "Broadway journal," some lines "To Isadore" appeared therein, and, like several of his known pieces, bore no signature.
THE TRIALS OF EDGAR POE A starstruck audience--Richmond, Virginia, at November's end--had seen the tale unfolding in Eliza's ruined looks, her now-grave, all-too-gaunt appearance: all was black.
In the 19th century Edgar Poe and others represent the western wilderness as a series of idealized landscapes, whether it be manmade gardens or forests--which either upheld or misrepresented ecological space.
In Edgar Poe and his Critics, Sarah Helen Whitman rebutted the rumor that Poe killed his wife Virginia (who died after the poem was published) in order to have a fit subject for "The Raven.
The same book yields "fortress America [personified]" who dangles in one hand "the corpse of Edgar Poe," her first-mentioned victim (p.