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United States lawyer who was director of the FBI for 48 years (1895-1972)

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Edgar Hoover and his deputies must have heard some interesting sermons during Hoover's 48-year reign as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Edgar Hoover, left, and with Judi Dench who plays Annie Hoover, above
Edgar Hoover and Judi Dench as his mother Annie Hoover
The museum has acquired around 2,000 items from Hoover's estate through a donation by the J Edgar Hoover Foundation.
Edgar Hoover, we would just say, hey, he's got the goods on everyone.
Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI until he was interred, had investigated the American Humanist Association, concluding that the organization wasn't communist and posed no threat to national security.
Edgar Hoover, The Washington Post opined, "This is no time for hairsplitting over lost liberties," Cole noted.
Edgar Hoover as America's incorruptible law enforcement giant is called into question as Hack leads listeners through a life focused on image, power, and the cultivation of privilege.
Edgar Hoover, was keeping their sexuality carefully buttoned down and in the closet.
Edgar Hoover, who ran the United States' Federal Bureau of Investigation as an absolute monarch from 1924 till his sudden death in May 1972, should once have possessed "a name at which the world grew pale".
Edgar Hoover and Estes Kefauver (the Midwestern senator who was one of the principal proponents of comic-book censorship), Anslinger paved the way for the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and the Drug Enforcement Agency.
Edgar Hoover and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to pursue means--any means necessary--to dismantle Garvey's organization, the Universal Negro Improvement Association.
Edgar Hoover gave its predecessor: Local lore has it that the FBI director lunched on grapefruit salad every day at the same table for 20 years.
But federal investigators' reports to FBI boss J Edgar Hoover just released in the US have revealed agents suspected the Las Vegas mob rigged the result.