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Synonyms for Eden

any place of complete bliss and delight and peace

a beautiful garden where Adam and Eve were placed at the Creation

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By drawing an exotic picture of the island with its natural resources as well as carefree, generous, innocent, hospitable natives living naked like Adam and Eve in an Edenic state of otium, Columbus was evidently intending to impress his royal patrons and, thus, sustain their financial and moral support.
The Cuban Sandra Ceballos' "Absolut Delau-nay" (1995), for example, or the great Romare Bearden's "Eden Noon" (1998), which is, simply, Edenic.
devolves from Edenic asylum to anarchic wilderness, and Russell's story breaks apart into two competing narratives Eleven-year-old Ava has remained in Swamplandia
My book, Picturing the Land: Narrating Territories in Canadian Landscape Art, 1500-1950, focuses on five concepts of territory that informed tire production of Canadian landscape art over 450 years: nomadic, Arcadian, Edenic, sedentary and universal.
Vasilii Rozanov and the creation; the Edenic vision and the rejection of eschatology.
Not for Holst, however, the Edenic idyll of the rural scene; rather, his true metier was the rough-hewn Dorset and Egdon Heath of Thomas Hardy--the "bleak midwinter" of the film's title and of his 1904 tone poem.
Thorn prefaces our journey into baseball's Edenic garden with a reminder that the game we think we know may never have existed.
The search for love, for freedom, for peace, for happiness, for an escape from a draconian world, is therefore bound up in liberation literature and the hope that good would triumph eventually over evil, and that an Edenic state would be reached.
I can still recall every second of a long fall into an Edenic womb.
The state that is most vulnerable to the floating miles and miles of three-dimensional oil sludge and chemical dispersants is my home state, Louisiana, which was once an Edenic paradise but long ago became anybody's punch.
One detail that marks eloquently any absence on Zimmermann's part to recreate edenic individuals: many who are otherwise completely naked wear bracelets, rings, necklaces that, with only a few possible exceptions, are part of modern body adornment.
But let's get away from market strategies in the iPad world and get back to that edenic ebook experience.
making a living in such an Edenic setting and furthering the scientific enterprise of understanding our world.
It is more logical to honor the first recorded homeland of speaking homo sapiens and to call this language Edenic.
The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art is one such example of Edenic longings come to fruition in Florida.