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ILL-MATCHED: Robert De Niro and Eddie Murphy in Showtime
Realmente no entiendo que es lo que busca Eddie Murphy, al hacer una pelicula asi.
Eddie Murphy doing Thurgood Stubbs is hysterical, the gags have gotten better as the weeks pass, and the frequent attacks on HUD give it the sort of cryptopolitical feel that passes for social commentary.
Which Actor Replaces Eddie Murphy In 'The Voyage of Dr.
Comedian Eddie Murphy has pulled out as host of next year's Academy Awards after his creative partner and Oscar producer Brett Ratner was forced to resign earlier in the week.
Eddie Murphy - see Question 8 weapons called kukris?
Cue Eddie Murphy walking around the streets of New York in a Bee Gee style white suit acting like a fish out of water.
For Eddie Murphy this is a new career nadir despite his first (lucky) best supporting actor Oscar nomination for Dreamgirls.
Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Jennifer Aniston and Eddie Murphy are just a few of the top celebrities scrambling to honor Obama with their presence and their checkbooks.
So along comes Eddie Murphy, cavalierly busting the rules of branding.
IT seems that talking to the animals was rather a good career movie for Eddie Murphy.
LOS ANGELES -- Heads up, America, and get ready to MEET DAVE - or rather a 15-foot tall replica of the title character's head, from Twentieth Century Fox's upcoming fish-out-of-water comedy starring Eddie Murphy.
EDDIE Murphy is set to star in Beverly Hills Cop 4.
com/morgan-freeman-dead-no-he-joins-eddie-murphy-50-cent-latest-victims-celebrity-death-hoax-780229) The rumor also stated that rapper 50 Cent and actor Eddie Murphy had died, as well, which of course proved to be false.
com poll has revealed that Drew Barrymore and Eddie Murphy are Hollywood's most overpaid actors.