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United States aviator who held several speed records and headed the women's Air Force pilots in World War II (1910-1980)

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There is an outstanding Eddie Cochran Memorial Stone, also a very nice sundial, placed at the back of the old chapel, at St Martin's Hospital, Bath; where fans from all over the world, place lovely flowers next to his stone.
And because future singer-song-writer Paul McCartney knew the words and chords to another Eddie Cochran tune, "Twenty Flight Rock," that other singer-songwriter John Lennon said, "You can join my band.
He said that the chords he used and the chords they used are the same three chords everyone's been using in basic pop music since Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran and Chuck Berry.
Andrea Pattison as Dolly Parton (main) and puppeteer Paul Zerdin and friends THE music of Dolly Parton, Take That, Motown, Frankie Valli, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly and the Electric Light Orchestra, along with the magic of Paul Zerdin, and jokes of Stan Boardman, will all be seen and heard at Rhyl's Pavilion this month The seaside resort's theatre is playing host to big names plus tribute acts, kicking off with Andrea Pattison as Dolly Parton on August 15.
Check it out if you like: Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Link Wray, and other early rock mavericks.
He was on duty the day US rock star Eddie Cochran died in a 1960 car crash at Chippenham and attended the scene of the tragedy.
The Head Cat is basically a cover band made up of three friends playing their versions of songs by Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Chuck Berry, and other groups from the '50s and '60s.
Four entertainers dice with death and do their best to sound like Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Eddie Cochran and Buddy Holly at a show which hits venues across Northern Ireland next month.
Cochran, a native of Isola, Mississippi, began his lengthy career in the mid-1950s when he hooked up with rockabilly legend Eddie Cochran.
NET GAIN 1966 LP Q My record collection includes a signed single of Teresa, by Eddie Cochran.
1960: American rock star Eddie Cochran (pictured signing an autograph) died in a car crash near Chippenham while on tour with Gene Vincent.
Meanwhile, Dave also remembers the likes of Johnny Cash, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran and Tom Jones all staying at the hotel.
It includes fellow Stars in Their Eyes contestant Steve Halliday as Elvis and Gavin Stanley as Eddie Cochran.
1960 EDDIE COCHRAN Three Steps to Heaven THREE Steps to Heaven was a 1960 single written by Eddie and his brother Bob.