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(Old Testament) the Hebrew prophet who led the Israelites from Egypt across the Red sea on a journey known as the Exodus

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United States painter of colorful and primitive rural scenes (1860-1961)

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Ed Moses is Principal Associate Director at NIF & Photon Science, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
Ed Moses ED MOSES was an athletic marvel who once enjoyed a run of nine years, nine months and nine days between defeats.
Ed Moses will provide expert analysis for Sky Sports News HD over the Olympics.
Last year, hurdling legend Ed Moses warned the 25-year-old Swansea Harrier that he will have to produce a quicker time to complete his medal set in London.
and Cirrus Editions--and artists: locals such as Richard Diebenkorn, Ed Moses, and Ed Ruscha, and artists who traveled to LA to make prints, including Joseph Albers, Louise Nevelson, Claes Oldenburg, and Robert Rauschenberg.
Rooney was also criticised for his X-rated TV outburst by former hurdling legend Ed Moses at the SportAccord conference in London.
Ed Moses, program director of the National Ignition Facility, explained to Fox News.
In which athletics event did Ed Moses run more than 100 races without defeat from 1977 to 1987?
Grey-Thompson was joined on the review panel by four leading authorities from athletics and world sport - Ed Moses, Colin Jackson, Mike Lee and John Scott - and, coaches, national governing bodies, Government figures, journalists and the public were also consulted.
Onlookers were equally impressed by the presence of football star Zinedine Zidane and Laureus legends Boris Becker, Nadja Comaneci, Ed Moses, Ilie Nastase and David Douillet.
Ed Moses and Michael Johnson have been recruited by Welsh hurdles hero Colin Jackson as part of his new coaching stable.
Two-time Olympic medallist (gold and silver from the 2000 Sydney Games) Ed Moses discovered his aquatic prowess during his high school senior year and a slump in his golf game.
SWIMMING: In Moscow, American Ed Moses won the 200-meter breaststroke and tied for first in the 50-meter race, extending his unbeaten streak in World Cup short-course races to eight.
Pictured l to r: artists James Hayward, Ed Moses and Marion Lane; gallery owner Jason Moskowitz; and author Michael Crichton.
Included amidst the mavens of culture were Sean Penn, Jack Nicholson, Jamie Brisick, Giselle Amatta, Ned Evans, Nicky Morgan, Jeff Higginbotham, James Ganzer, Skip Engblom, Melanie Berry, Joe Pettit, Rex King, JA Ho, Sepp Donahower, Ed Moses, Ember Curry, Andy Moses, and John O'Shei.