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(early Christian church) one of seven gatherings of bishops from around the known world under the presidency of the Pope to regulate matters of faith and morals and discipline

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We are proud that some of the early national ecumenical councils were founded in Asia.
This was the Academy's first joint conference, and it was co-sponsored by the Faith and Order Commission of the Southern California Ecumenical Council.
Of foundational importance for the proper interpretation of scripture are the decisions of ecumenical councils.
Paul VI expressed the conviction that in fact there have been two kinds of councils in the church's patrimony, the early ecumenical councils of the undivided church and then the later general synods of the West.
The Presbyterian Church is a member of the CCC, which is one of the broadest ecumenical councils in the world and represents approximately 85 per cent of Canada's Christians.
What the liberals fail to realize is that the ecumenical councils enacted these strictures on episcopal boundaries in order to fence in and eliminate the heretical Arians
the West Side Community Center, the Historical Society of Asbury Park, Interfaith Neighbors, Jewish Family Services, I Dream A City, Epiphany House, and Asbury Park's two prominent ecumenical councils.
Moreover, the seven ecumenical councils have been successful in keeping the main body of the Church on the right lines, surely because their participants sought and received the assistance of the Holy Spirit.
creationism' and 'religious displays on public property' as well as entries on freedom of conscience, natural law and ecumenical councils.
In addition, the Vatican State would be authorised to issue a further Euro 300,000 (compared with Euro 201,000 at present) in three specific situations: vacancy years at the Holy See, jubilee years and years on which ecumenical councils are opened.
Throughout his lifetime he taught and wrote about the pre-Nicene Fathers, the golden age of the Fathers of the Seven Ecumenical Councils, the Byzantine theologians up to the fifteenth century, as well as the history of Russian theology.
We have remained consistent with the early traditions of the church, with decisions rooted in the seven ecumenical councils, decisions agreed upon by both the East and West,'' said the Very Rev.
The later years of James's reign saw the king promoting ecumenical councils of Protestant churches, with the hope that the Catholics might be involved at a later stage.
The title chosen for this study, while factually correct, gives little indication of the dominant interest of the book: the documentary foundations of the early ecumenical councils.
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