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Salehi congratulated the Ecuadorean nation and government on the recent presidential elections.
s long-running litigation against a group of Ecuadorean plaintiffs is heating up this week.
On Tuesday, an Ecuadorean judge ordered the seizure of Chevron's assets in Ecuador, which are estimated to be worth $200 million.
On Wednesday, plaintiffs representing Ecuadorean villagers from the Amazon filed a suit in Canada's Superior Court of Justice in Ontario, seeking to enforce a $18 billion Ecuadorean judgement rendered against Chevron (NYSE:CVX) in February 2011.
The enforcement action stems from a decade-long case in which villagers living in the Ecuadorean Amazon are trying to hold Texaco responsible for polluting tracts of the rainforest when it operated there for almost a decade.
That's when the Ecuadorean teen moved with his family to a poor community in the northern Amazon region that was the site of a Texaco oil plant.
After ceasing its operations in 1990, the company spent $40 million remediating its share of the environmental damage to the satisfaction of the Ecuadorean government, he said.
Ecuadoreans pay between $10,000 and $12,000 for the passage north, often putting up their homes as collateral to loan sharks.
Like many Ecuadoreans, Macas found himself borrowing from family and friends to survive.
Or is it the apathy of all Ecuadoreans who lost faith in a system many years ago?