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a native or inhabitant of Ecuador

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The altitude of the fumigations and the wind caused this toxic mixture to travel up to 10 km inside Ecuadoran territory, as verified in a technical report by the Comite Interinstitucional contra las Fumigaciones (CIF), led by medical doctor Adolfo Maldonado, an expert in tropical diseases.
But despite voicing support for Snowden, the Andean nation denied reports that it authorized a "safepass" travel document for the former National Security Agency contractor and said it would not be able to process his asylum bid until he enters Ecuadoran territory.
I was delighted to receive the June issue, after my subscription had lapsed, but I was startled to see your review of Charles Kleymeyer's book refer to the people of Ecuador as Ecuadorans.
The judge also stated that the case required the involvement of the state run Petroecuador (a partner of Texaco's in the Amazon operations) and the Ecuadoran government, and that they could only be properly handled in Ecuadoran courts.
They were traveling in a canoe as part of a group of seven tourists - five foreigners and two Ecuadorans - and two local Ecuadorans working as guides.
However, in the case of the government of Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa, the challenges are contradictory, since it has used reports from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) to denounce human rights violations by previous administrations, such as that of former President Leon Febres Cordero (1984-1988), during which the largest number of extrajudicial executions and forced disappearances of political adversaries occurred.
The lawsuit charges Juan Manuel Santos, former defense minister and current presidential candidate for Uribe's governing coalition, along with other high-ranking Colombian officials, with responsibility in the deaths of 26 people during the attack, among them four Mexican and one Ecuadoran students, whose ties to the FARC have not been proved.
In Spain, Ecuadoran, Colombian, Moroccan and Romanian communities make up the largest immigrant groups in the country, with Moroccan and Romanian communities seen as the big growth areas.
The law established the Consejo Nacional de Desarrollo Afroecuatoriano (CONDAE), which will design policies and strategies for the development of black Ecuadoran communities.
The plazas and sidewalks of the Ecuadoran capital were overrun with street vendors.
This is the best Ecuadoran agribusiness company, we admire it very much and we are proud to be one of their most important business partners.
US Navy ships operating out of the Manta military base have sunk at least six Ecuadoran boats since 2001 as part of anti-drug and immigration-control operations.
We have sued America Import for falsification and imitating our brand," says Lamas, whose company represents 17 Ecuadoran and Peruvian producers.
A US legal team filed a billion-dollar lawsuit in an Ecuadoran court on May 7 against US oil giant ChevronTexaco.
This appears to be changing, though, with the Ecuadoran government's plans to invest close to US$900 million on three airports and a highway.