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the administration of a strong electric current that passes through the brain to induce convulsions and coma

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Carriers are choosing the ECT WebRTC solution because they want commercially viable services out-of-the-box and not just a "naked" WebRTC Gateway with a proprietary API for programming plain old telephone calls via WebRTC.
The opponents of ECT - former patients, Scientologists, and a national movement called Mindfreedom International that opposes many types of psychological drugs as well - say ECT causes brain damage.
Here in Liverpool, ECT is used for a relatively small proportion of patients.
A decision was therefore made to use ECT as a first-line add-on strategy based on ECT accessibility in comparison with the limited or non-existent availability of most of the other strategies described in the literature.
ECT Group chief executive Anna Whitty said: "ECT is delighted to have found a new home for its rail businesses, with an organisation that supports the values of community rail and has the skills and resources to provide them with a sustainable future.
A meta-analysis published in 2013 showed that 27% of people with depression who were given ECT relapsed after 3 months.
According to Moylan, ECT can help anyone, even those without a psychological diagnosis.
Jacqueline, who now lives in Sutton, Surrey, and has been a staunch campaigner against the use of ECT in under-18s, says her MP, Conservative Paul Scully, is helping her investigate her concerns.
Inside the procedureConducted in a small room inside AUBMC's psychiatric ward, ECT is considerably less dramatic than its popular portrayal.
People would have assumed the practice of imposing medical interventions on patients without their consent, particularly interventions such as ECT that have serious side-effects, would be over.
This project business is not related to the value creation, distribution and settlement processes of Kontron AG and its risk/reward profile differs from Kontron's ECT business.
He and his colleagues studied 42 people with depression who were receiving ECT, a treatment that briefly jolts the brain with a powerful electric current.
For the experiment, Kroes took 39 patients who were undergoing ECT for severe depression.
ECT have produced some outstanding performances in this high profile tournament to book a place in the final after G Force and Desert Cubs Academy had dominated this tournament for the last two years.
Sevoflurane may also be used for ECT because of its rapid onset, rapid offset and low incidence of airway irritation (8-10).