biogeographical region

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an area of the Earth determined by distribution of flora and fauna

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Uvero said, The eZTS will also allow both Customs and Peza authorities to monitor, real- time, the transfer and movement of tax-and-duty free goods among the ecozones, thereby reducing the possibility of illegal transfers and withdrawals of goods into the domestic market.
1: Switchgrass yields during (A) establishment year (2007) and (B) first full production year (2008) by ecotype and ecozone.
The status would mean priority inside the ecozone would be given to conserving wildlife and creating new habitats.
Alongside the music there is entertainment and activities for children in the Kids' Area, as well as hands-on environmental fun in the Ecozone.
Survey effort is quantified not only project wide, but also by region and by ecozone in relation to species richness.
In 2006, the EU and the Bulgarian government co-funded the development of the Middle Yantra Ecozone, comprising three "geocomplexes", three "ecotrails" and one roadside park, beside the Sofia-Varna road.
IT WAS love, rather than environmental consciousness, which flashed before his eyes when Russ Callain picked up the Ecozone Ecoballs on aisle three and delivered them steadfastly to the till.
Or, better still, get some Ecozone Ecoballs from The Ethical Superstore (www.
1) whose larvae parasitize the nasal passages and pharyngeal regions of a variety of cervid hosts within the Holarctic ecozone.
TCP also is an active sponsor of the EcoZone green schools initiative in conjunction with CBS media and EcoMedia, a proud promoter of Earth Day and member of the United States Business Council of Mayors.
This volume collects botanical data on the taxonomy and chorology of species of the largest families of Compositae or Asteraceae (the aster, daisy, or sunflower family) of the Holarctic ecozone, which comprise 92 genera and 558 species found in Siberia, including a number being described for the first time.
This educational, fun museum offers children (and adults, too) hands-on exhibits and activities, including the EcoZone, Energy-Zone, MindZone, BodyZone, TechZone, WaveZone and Kids Lab Zone.
Grazing induced biodiversity in the highland ecozone of E.
Ndoho Istchee Project, understanding, documenting and structuring the notion of ecozone as defined by the Crees of Waswanipi.