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a system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their physical environment

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Located above the lake on the south-eastern slope of Mount Arbostora, Sir Peter has taken full advantage of the exceptional micro-climate to develop what is in effect an ecosytem of exotic vegetation, a plant community which regulates and controls itself without the intervention of the gardener, reflecting its creator's creed that a garden should be a pleasure, not a burden.
The ecosytem of a banana plantation is extremely wet and hot.
Wilen, Ecosytem Management and the 1996 Sustainable Fisheries Act, 24 ECOLOGY L.
The raw materials used for a single computer can contain more than 700 substances such as lead, mercury, chromium compounds, arsenic, PBB and PBDE, more than half of which are extremely harmful to human health and ecosytem.
After McWilliams identified several risk factors for Apple in his March 26 Ecosytem State of Tech report, Apple shares experienced a sharp pullback.
The catalog enables customers and partners to connect quickly with the large and growing Oracle partner ecosytem to find solutions that meet their specific needs, shorten the procurement cycle and speed time to deployment.
HOUSTON) EpicEdge to Create Revolutionary Virtual Ecosytem
The three initiatives include Mano River Union Ecosytem Conservation and International Water Resources Management Project which will get $6.
Designed to operate as a financial ecosytem, FiNetrics will deliver integrated fulfillment, customer service, and reporting for every aspect of a business's financial needs.
They have complementary experience in structuring ecosytems such as animation of people s network, set-up of technical platforms to share knowledge/technology and business opportunities, governing rules and involvement of end-users.
We've seen similar issues on land - the loss of wolves leads to population explosions of deer that then damage ecosytems," Heithaus said.
The report recommended that cities prepare water risk assessments, work to protect and restore ecosytems, and plan how to manage scarce water resources.
Comparative study of the soil arthropods of three ecosytems on Mount Hymettos (Attica Greece) Biologia Gallo Hellenica 12:371-375.