Occam's Razor

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the principle that entities should not be multiplied needlessly

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It can be assumed that the institution of public administration will seek to comply only with the economy principle.
Kuwait Finance House (KFH) has organised workshop to its employees about Islamic banking products, Islamic economy principles, and conditions of sales operations.
To shut down private university prep courses is a breach of market economy principles, equality of opportunity, freedoms and democracy.
The agenda of the forum revolves around four themes, namely "Philosophical and Scientific Scope of Islamic Economy and Finance," "Islamic Funding and Development," "Successful International Experiences in Islamic Finance" and "Mechanisms to Implement Islamic Economy Principles in Business Field.
According to BNB's website, the return of the Bulgarian banking system to the market economy principles and of the BNB to the independent central bank principles became possible only in 1991 when two basic laws came into effect - the Commerce Law, which brought back the legal foundations of commercial banking, and the new Law on the BNB, which restored the Bank's autonomy and gave it the responsibility for supervising banks.
Dayah stressed the need for encouraging investments that cope with green economy principles through improving programs and policies for integrated land management and adopting an integrated management of water resources.
Dieter Bhineka delivered a lecture on the environmental social market economy principles and its importance in the economic development.
Speakers at the training program will explain the management of routine and complex civil or criminal cases; particular considerations when handling the routine criminal case and implementing knowledge economy principles through judicial practices.
Drawing on the proven success, systems and processes used by NISP In the UK, the team was able to demonstrate how SMEs In Yunnan can make significant cost savings, generate new sales and reduce their environmental Impact by Implementing circular economy principles Into their business activities.
To have a real impact on alcohol pricing, however, the government would need to add a raft of additional measures, including supporting price-fixing in supermarkets, which would mean waving goodbye to free market economy principles.
call on our trading partners to refrain from restraints on trade and distortion of competition in contravention of WTO rules and to observe market economy principles.
At that time, we did not know anything about market economy principles, international trade, trade development issues, etc.
Experts point out that this implementation of the market economy principles of supply and demand simply brings highways into the realm of most shared-but-scarce goods, like oil.