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a frugal person who limits spending and avoids waste


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The problem is that some of the energy savings due to the use of the economizer cycle are dependent on the weather in a given year and the climate of a particular region.
These optimization studies were performed for the flash tank cycle, Figure 2 (a), and the economizer cycle, Figure 2 (b).
availability of a compressorfree economizer cycle, and so forth.
It is common for ice to develop on cooling tower intake louvers and fill when operating a water economizer cycle.
Economizer cycles and proper sizing of the equipment (to reduce inefficient partial loading) all need to be considered and modeled.
This reference volume contains ASHRAE standards and recommendations for environmental criteria, mechanical equipment, economizer cycles, airflow distribution, total cost of ownership and emerging technologies.
The products will enable customers to remotely schedule and control environmental cooling, heating, ventilation, humidification, and economizer cycles.