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Synonyms for economize

cut back


  • cut back
  • save
  • save money
  • be sparing
  • cut costs
  • be economical
  • scrimp
  • scrimp and save
  • retrench
  • be frugal
  • make economies
  • cut expenditure
  • tighten your belt
  • be on a shoestring
  • draw in your horns
  • husband your resources


Synonyms for economize

to use without wasting

Synonyms for economize

use cautiously and frugally

spend sparingly, avoid the waste of

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To the contrary, economization processes tend to reduce individual freedom and autonomy by activating citizens for higher systemic reasons.
Our cooling design utilizes airside economization, which supplies free cooling 88 percent of the year.
Another measure which the Government will take is to make economization efforts in the context of fiscal decentralization by revising the policy on transferring funds to the regions.
Social contract theorists may defend an economization of science in terms of serving a particular common good; for instance, by arguing that the economic gain resulting from a patenting practice would result in economic prosperity for the whole nation.
Like the disestablishment of the state, the economization of security has largely been welcomed by our foreign-policy mavens.
Because some restrictions are very complicated, specifying step size requires balancing precision and economization.
Hurst deliberately eschews the compromises and short-cuts which have bedevilled archaeological publication since economization became the catchword in the late 1970s.
It is cooled by a direct expansion cooling module integrated with the enclosure, and has an option for using air-side economization.
By combining cutting-edge technology to optimize energy and environmental sustainability, the Uniflair LE perimeter units provide efficient cooling for any data center environment, with a low cost of ownership through economization and smart operation, all while maintaining a compact footprint.
Due to the development of user-specific optimization methods that are based on the simulation results, a significant economization of resources for the manufacturing process should be reached within the project work and thereby the requirements of the SAGE4 with regard to the advanced GTF demonstrator can be fulfilled.
The second air handler, with VAV fans and economization, served the remainder of the 2nd floor of the tower, and the three floors of the MCSI wing.
Energy consumption economization plan and reforms in economic behaviors will be this year's motto.
This involves a new dimension of economization of the health service, a new fundamental orientation that typifies the paradigm change in health policy.
There is no indication if this closure of the Bulgarian Commercial Representation is temporary, or whether it is caused by some economization strategy, or whether a new commercial representative would be sent in my place after some time.
An alternative hypothesis is that the increased concentration results in greater economization of liquidity by banks.