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Synonyms for economics

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Hausman presents a historical sketch of economic theories of wages and employment and discusses how successive theories are more or less successful in representing the causal relations between the relevant variables.
The recent world events support the classical economic theories.
As I suggested in my initial response, the cause of this asymmetry is that Finn's theoretical framework does not permit him to explain simply the similarities and differences among various economic theories or moral philosophies.
There is no laboratory in which economic theories can be tested.
Most of the major economic theories that frame the study date from before 1980 and either advocated or denied the value of Marxism as an explanation of nineteenth-century Italian history.
Our sense of fairness has become the focus of modern economic theories.
Into the void marched utilitarian economic theories, which called for a radical divorce between ethics and economics in order to ground economics in the more objective world of science.
He argues that the strength of various proposed reforms depends on the validity of the economic theories on which they are based.
Now there seem to be a lot more open minds toward alternative economic theories," he says.
Unlike the rise and fall of political movements or economic theories, education has the singular ability to elevate the status of women in societies while at the same time enhancing the economic and cultural well-being of these nations.