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The positive association between drug usage and the economic strategy we have termed "profitable deviance" suggests that illicit drugs may lead to a variety of underground economic activities but not necessarily welfare use (or conversely, welfare dependence does not lead to drug usage).
Korea's New Economic Strategy originates in papers written for a conference at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia, in September, 2001.
Uma September, 5, 2010 (JUBA) -- The Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) should adopt a broad-based economic strategy that prioritizes the needs of its population and avoids over-dependence on the country's oil revenues, a top World Bank (WB) official has advised.
First of all, there was no noticeable process for placing the RGF awards in the context of a regional (or national) economic strategy, other than some blunt attempts at compensating for areas likely to lose public sector jobs - rebalancing as the coalition like to call it.
SIR - Unison Cymru/Wales, the largest public sector union in Wales, has called upon Carmarthen and Llanelli Assembly candidates to publicly support an alternative economic strategy.
There is no difference in my mind between my short-term economic strategy and a long-term economic strategy with one single exception, and that is: should the deficit be increased with a real stimulus in the short run for this year, to pay for the things we talked about all along, or should we go ahead and pay for it all this year and then start with our aggressive deficit reduction program in the next year?
The Libyan Economic Development Board is a major policy result of Libya's National Economic Strategy (NES) project which began in 2005.
When viewed in its entirety, we are confident that our urban economic strategy will bring into the spotlight many Americans who have been invisible for too long.
A report by the Economic Strategy Institute says current export restrictions will cost the U.
In addition to his current position with the Economic Strategy Institute, Dr.
The Economic Strategy Council is now speeding up subgroups' work on mid- and long-term strategic measures for presentation of the final recommendation to Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi by around Jan.
But Krugman gives short shrift to the differences among them--Reich, for example, is a supporter of free trade, whereas Clyde Prestowitz of the Economic Strategy Institute is a skeptic--lumping them all into a more or less monolithic group.
23 Kyodo Following is the gist of an interim report released Wednesday by the Economic Strategy Council on strategies for Japan's economic recovery.
and Chinese interests have not changed that much,'' said Greg Mastel, a China analyst with the Economic Strategy Institute in Washington.
and head of the government's Economic Strategy Council.