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Synonyms for shortage

Synonyms for shortage

Synonyms for shortage

the property of being an amount by which something is less than expected or required

an acute insufficiency


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The key point to be made here is that in addition to eliminating the economic shortage, a free market in kidneys, in conjunction with the current system of financing transplants, would also eliminate the medical shortage.
Companies are hindered from progressing on sustainable sourcing for two reasons: economic shortages and the lack of a clear and harmonized frame of reference.
The causes of economic shortages range from overt and politically motivated sabotage to the structural disfigurations of the oil economy--inhibiting production and encouraging importation--with crass self-interest in between.
Students and militant opponents of PresidentNicolas Madurohave been maintaining street barricades in various cities since last month, demanding the president's resignation and solutions to problems of rampant crime and economic shortages.
In a time of economic shortages, PPP could help boost growth and create the kind of society we want to see.
As the novel progresses, Admiral Robert makes of conditions a status quo ante, if not worse: the military is given to rapine and plunder, and economic shortages hit far more blacks than bekes.