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Synonyms for refugee

Synonyms for refugee

one who flees, as from home, confinement, captivity, or justice

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an exile who flees for safety

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Observers predicted that the number of economic refugees from Mexico to the United States would swell, increasing the pressure on border states, such as California, New Mexico, and Arizona.
So far many of those trying to leave are economic refugees.
Given the previous acceptance of Haitians as economic refugees into the United States, participants questioned whether this group may not, indeed, legitimately claim refugee status, especially after the events of October 1993.
From 1985 until 1990, she worked for Unnayan, a social-service advocacy organization which helped political and economic refugees, and uprooted rural people, to find housing, jobs, the slum dwellers themselves, and wrote articles on their cultural life and socio-economic conditions.
b) Many Hispanics of Central American origin consider themselves to be political or economic refugees and wish to return to their native country when conditions permit while many mexican Americans report centuries of citizenship in the United States.
But the world is also shrinking in the sense that there are more political and economic refugees on a global basis than ever before; shrinking in the sense that there are more starving pople than ever before; shrinking in the sense that the population explosion continues and more and more people demand space, food, clothes, homes, and all the paraphernalia modern technology churns out to the benefit of the consumers.
Ohio is in a vicious cycle where the private sector shrinks and the public sector liabilities grow, forcing businesses, jobs and citizens to become economic refugees to the Sunbelt states," commented Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks.
There are also a number of economic refugees and migrants, seeking to escape poverty, drought and other conditions.
Two million additional economic refugees are estimated to enter Pakistan if the BSA is signed without intra-Afghan reconciliation; and if it is not signed, as many as 5 million economic and political refugees could enter Pakistan and Afghan National Security Force(ANSF) may fall apart on ethno-sectarian lines, hence pushing Afghanistan into a long lasting civil war.
Australia's new government may think most Iranians seeking asylum are just economic refugees looking for a way to make a buck, but many of those trying to make it to Australia tell a far more nuanced story.
The irony of a country started by refugees fleeing genocide refusing to accept economic refugees themselves is not lost.
Italy has complained loudly for weeks of being left alone to cope with the arrival of migrants from North Africa, some fleeing the conflict in Libya, the majority economic refugees from Tunisia.
It is an unfortunate result of the Industrial Revolution that hundreds of thousands of economic refugees came to Wales for work, and from day one, over 200 years ago, complained that the majority of the indigenous population only spoke Welsh.
Even worse, due to our own continuing actions and dishonest behaviours, we, the members of the Ethiopian Diaspora, have in recent time been repeatedly and continuously accused and charged as "liars and economic refugees.
To escape this increasingly hellish life, an estimated 4 million people have fled the country as economic refugees.
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