gross domestic product

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the measure of an economy adopted by the United States in 1991


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Dominguez added Mindanao will be the 'centerpiece' of the Philippines' unfolding growth narrative, with a slew of big-ticket infrastructure projects ready for rollout soon to improve economic production and transform the island into a major hub of agriculture and industry.
There were a lot of economic experts who urged economic diversification, but the easy money generated from crude oil was just too tempting and it encouraged a spirit of laziness and consumption rather than economic production and growth--which left a big chunk of the population without much needed wages.
The economic production quantity (EPQ) is a fundamental inventory control problem, and it is still widely used by many industries today [1].
In case the nanobars are mass produced at industrial scale, the quick and economic production solar cells will be achieved.
Full year average economic production for 2015 is estimated to be between 9,500 boepd and 10,500 boepd1.
Midyan was discovered in 1992 during the Red Sea coastal plain exploration, and a study was conducted in mid-2009 to evaluate various alternatives for development of the field and identify ways to optimise economic production.
A bigger challenge is accounting for transactions involving MNEs that are structured for purposes other than economic production.
Environmental degradation could (in theory) have been curtailed on the front end or the back end of economic production.
15-16, accounts for 80 per cent of world trade and 85 per cent of global economic production.
Around 1,772 exhibitors from 36 nations present the entire process chain for the economic production of plastic components.
The new allowance is said to build on recommendations from Sir Ian Wood for maximising economic production of oil and gas and been designed to both support investment in technically challenging development areas and to encourage exploration in surrounding areas.
Production elasticity (Ep) and the equation of marginal value of physical product (MVPP) and marginal resources cost (MRC) were used to determine technical and economic production levels, respectively.
The key to Holcombe's analysis is how competition generates dynamism in economic production and coordination, which is what produces the prosperity (understood as wealth and material well-being) that equilibrium models fail to grasp with their static assumptions.
They want to maximise economic production, noting that oil and gas will make up 70 per cent of British energy needs into the 2040s.
The accompanying document to the Chancellor's autumn statement pledged that: "To maximise economic production from UK natural gas resources, the Government will also establish an Office for Unconventional Gas.
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