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Synonyms for economics

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While the US and its allies are intensifying economic and financial sanctions against Iran, Iranian officials are locked in an escalating dispute over several sensitive economic policies such as reorganisation of state-owned banks and determination of interest rates.
stabilization/structural adjustment -- economic policies and programs forced
Appropriate adjustments in economic policies by the borrowing countries.
Prime Minister also congratulated Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and his team for initiating good and prudent economic policies in the country.
This derailment is mainly due to the wrong economic policies, schemes, and corruption in the government," he said.
We can then consider harmonizing our economic policies," added the Buglarian top dipolomat.
There was, and is, no dividing line between a government's social and economic policies, with the former shaped and, in her case, crushed by the consequences of the latter.
There are three reasons why the G7 should launch a major new effort to coordinate their economic policies, especially over the next year as the United States assumes the chair for next year's summit and associated meetings.
Frankel supports this counterintuitive conclusion by comparing the actual economic policies of Carter, Clinton, Reagan, and the Bushes.
There are, of course, a lot of Republicans in Washington who are concerned about these irresponsible economic policies, but they say nothing publicly since the first rule of being a good modern Republican is the willingness to follow the ideological lemmings off the next social agenda cliff.
As chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, Stiglitz was the highest official charged with analyzing the impact of economic policies on Americans.
They have tried both a state state-led growth strategy and liberal economic policies to reach their goal.
It's important to remember that Keynesians have always had political problems, even though they helped shape the economic policies of the Kennedy and Johnson administrations and Nixon said that he was a Keynesian.
General economic policies greatly impact this demand-driven industry and industry-specific policies, wherever effectively enforced, provide added impetus.
QUETTA -- The traders of Balochistan expressed their satisfaction over economic growth which they said was due to better economic policies of the incumbent federal government.
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