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Synonyms for economics

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Today, creators of economic policies tend to avoid making the mistake made in the 1930s and that is the reason why they have taken the necessary measures to encourage the aggregate demand, and this is done using all three of its components: investments, government expenditures and personal spending; this is done primarily because of the main macroeconomic problem, and that is unemployment or poverty.
At Westminster, the all-party Treasury select committee said Osborne's economic policies could carry "undue economic risks.
He stressed the commitment of the Ministry of Economy to work as per the strategic directions of the Federal Government and to develop institutional frameworks by coordinating economic policies with local government departments.
Not surprisingly, his temporary replacement, has pledged full support to the President's economic policies.
EPPD serves the American people by promoting economic policies and programs that build America's prosperity.
It is not a closed economic policy, but we will have to tackle problems of overspending and short-term economic policies that have weakened our sustainability,'' he said.
a Democrat who had spoken out critically against FDR's economic policies, agreed with Malone's assessment of the pact, denouncing it as "part and parcel of international socialism, one-worldism, and the slow surrender of American sovereignty.
This is not a convention that comes out of here unified or supporting the governor,'' said Michael Schroeder, a former party chairman who led efforts to criticize the governor's economic policies.
In an interview with mc, Kerry made a nod in their direction by saying one area of disagreement with President Clinton's economic policies was his belief that "there should have been more infrastructure investment.
On tax fairness, each Democrat has made the case--and it's an easy one--that the Bush Administration's economic policies reward the wealthiest individuals and the corporations, while the bulk of the American people are left to fend for themselves.
The six were shot during street clashes in the capital Santo Domingo and other parts of the country, the latest Latin American nation to see protests against unpopular economic policies.
Shizuka Kamei, former policy chief of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), on Sunday called on Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi to step down because of his mishandling of economic policies.
Bush's state feminism comfortably blurs the privilege gained by economic policies that assure U.
Japan and the United States will likely postpone a planned first meeting of a bilateral conference on economic policies involving top economic bureaucrats and business leaders despite a summit agreement last June, Foreign Ministry sources said Friday.
So goes the interdependent world of globalization--the catchall phrase for the economic policies adopted by many of the world's richest nations to encourage unrestricted trade and business growth in poor countries.
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