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Synonyms for exploitation

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For one thing, it is not clear that economic exploitation depends on the base or pernicious motives of the exploiters: while it may be true that they all seek to gain an advantage, the fact that it comes at the cost of the exploited is, for many exploiters, a matter of indifference.
Subsequent chapters chronicle the experiences of these societies from 1500, with the focus on economic exploitation and political change, culminating in the British amalgamation of their northern and southern Nigerian protectorates in 1914.
The irony is that Mandela failed to tackle economic apartheid in South Africa (NA, Nov 2009) whereas Mugabe has succeeded in dealing a decisive blow to economic exploitation of Zimbabwean land (NA, Jan 2011).
According to the Trafficking Report 2010, Egypt, issued by the US Department of State, there is a growing trend for the sexual and economic exploitation of young girls by their parents and brokers, who execute marriages popularly known as 'seasonal/temporary' marriages.
The Industrial Revolution saw the surplus value created in the iron, coal and steel industries transferred to England, echoing the medieval economic exploitation of the country.
It also aims to prepare the national power grid to transfer higher capacities and increase the equilibrium of the system, in addition to the optimal economic exploitation of the gas sources in the country through the expansion in constructing the gas plants.
Its theme is the economic exploitation of the English coast, which Murphy introduces with a comprehensive description of exchange goods and trade contacts in prehistoric and historic times.
The report highlights key issues regarding killings, injuries, disabilities, recruitment, detention, domestic violence, separation, abuse as well as sexual and economic exploitation of children.
The officials have mentioned that by applying new technologies such as gas injection and choosing the best technical and economic exploitation methods, the expected reserve capacity of the fields has been increased.
With wide consultation with indigenous community and civil society groups, outcomes reflected frustration that the living conditions and human rights of Papuans have not improved under special autonomy, while economic exploitation of their land and resources increased.
Tunisia also strives to strengthen the appropriate measures to eradicate regional inequalities in the field of children, to ensure a better co-ordination between the central and regional administrations in this field and devise a national programme of fight against violence inflicted to children and against the economic exploitation of girls employed as housemaids.
Tahir Bazenjo said that strong provinces could ensure a strong federation adding that a forced merger of Balochistan with Pakistan and subsequent persistence of over-centralised federation with the colonial attitude towards the province involving countless accounts of political and economic exploitation, injustices, and denial of rights have alienated the people of province from federation and political process which has led to ongoing violent reaction in the province.
Part of the offshore area, known as an economic exploitation zone, abuts Egypt's NEMED block, a major zone where Shell is currently exploring for natural gas.
which has 17 articles and aims to protect children from sexual and economic exploitation," he said.
Simmons sets out not simply to cover what others have done, but also to present an approach that brings together an account of the major shifts in human economic exploitation of the resources of "nature" with an attempt to analyze how people viewed their relationship with their environment as these changes occurred.
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