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loss of equilibrium attributable to an unstable situation in which some forces outweigh others

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Prices are the end results of the process of exchange, incidental manifestations of economic activities, and symptoms of an economic equilibrium (Menger, 2007).
In the same year, he joined the Cowles Commission, which was attached to the University of Chicago at the time, where he gained a decade of experience working on Pareto optima, existence of a general economic equilibrium, and utility theory.
3) Richard Goodwin, a specialist in the study of economic dynamics, echoed Weintraub's praise for von Neumann's work, characterizing "A Model of General Economic Equilibrium," as " .
A key element in maintaining Uruguay's economic equilibrium is controlling public sector expenditures.
The chapter on probability theory was necessary, albeit unexciting, and the chapter on economic equilibrium was only weakly relevant.
Whilst sales volumes are expected to cone under pressure for several years," the report says, "They can confidently expect a return to growth as economic equilibrium is reinstated.
Economic equilibrium emerges, Epstein says, just as textbook market economics predicts.
In the long run it is in the interest of all to assist minority businesses as they seek to find economic equilibrium.
The contractual amendment includes a restated economic equilibrium mechanism that partially mitigates such risk by compensating to some extent, demand declines over 3%, among others.
The city plans to give this benefit to a company through a public contract concluded after a competitive dialogue procedure for the implementing of this service depends not only on the physical capacity of the service but also the financial arrangements and economic equilibrium that each candidate can imagine and propose to the municipality.
SEATTLE, June 4, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- According to a new Global Office report by Colliers International, global markets are aiming for a state of economic equilibrium between supply and demand after weathering challenges in China, the U.
But I suspect demanding economic equilibrium is easier said than done.
Along with millions of Americans, I am sure America will recover and regain its economic equilibrium.
Public Transport is also lobbying against the proposals, and in a briefing note to Euro MPs, it argues that heavy-handed legislation could represent a "danger for the economic equilibrium of local and regional waterborne services".
Foreign and domestic economic equilibrium is of no interest for entrepreneurs, keeping in mind that an equilibrium of balance of payments is government's responsibility.
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