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Synonyms for economics

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This problem is exacerbated where a QBU operates in an economic environment that flips in and out of hyperinflationary status.
It was understood that the countries' adjustment efforts would founder in the absence of improvements in the economic environment in the industrial countries.
The most serious factor, limiting the activity in the branch, continues to be the uncertain economic environment even though there is a decrease of its negative impact by 14.
A detailed analysis of the economic framework of the automation and electronics industry is provided in the research service, which will help industry participants by providing insights into the country's existing economic environment and the future direction of the same.
The uncertain economic environment and financial problems remain the main factors limiting the activity of the enterprises in the branch.
Locally, the long exodus of manufacturing companies from Manhattan has afforded for a mature and fertile economic environment where loft space has been converted to loft residential and commercial properties.
In spite of the current pricing pressures and the difficult economic environment we are experiencing, Multifoods is a more effective competitor today," Luiso said.
The study provides an insight into the Chinese CMF industry, discusses its dependence on the prevailing economic scenario, and forecasts the future economic environment.
The uncertain economic environment and insufficient domestic demand continue to be the main factors outlined by the industrial entrepreneurs as an obstacle for the development of their business.
A new research report released by AEW Capital Management (AEW), a leading real estate investment advisor, concludes that the current economic environment remains .
2 percent to $3,619,218,000 reflecting the reduction of loan demand in the weak economic environment that prevailed throughout the year.
The future trends in the economic environment of India have been analyzed along with their impact on the CMF industry.
The uncertain economic environment, the financial problems and the insufficient demand remain the main factors limiting the activity in the branch as in June a decrease of their negative influence was observed.
Doyle noted that in the current sluggish economic environment, up to 40 percent of the 35,000 area workers represented by the Council are jobless right now, despite their wide-ranging skills.
period, despite the challenging economic environment.
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