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Synonyms for economics

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The most serious difficulties for the business remain to be connected with the competition in the branch and uncertain economic environment.
3 Illinois: 9th in safety conditions, 10th in economic environment and 1st in driving laws
While we expected a year-over-year increase in problem assets, given the weak economic environment, declining [commercial real estate] values, and previously weak underwriting, we were surprised by the magnitude of the increase," wrote FBR Capital Markets analyst Scott Valentin in a research note to clients Friday.
S is a controlled foreign corporation operating in an economic environment previously determined to be hyperinflationary.
In a recent study, Steven Kamin, Robert Kahn, and Ross Levine have analyzed how the interaction of heavy international borrowing from commercial banks, the economic policies of the borrowing countries, and the external economic environment during the 1970s and 1980s affected real gross domestic product per capita in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico.
The main factors limiting the enterprises remain the uncertain economic environment, competition in the branch and shortage of labour, as the inquiry reports a decrease of the negative influence of the first two factors.
Summary: London - Morocco is aspiring to attract further foreign investments, especially in the field of aerospace and high-technology, and the Moroccan government is determined to further enhance the ever-improving economic environment, the London-based online newspaper Global Arab Network (GAN) wrote on Tuesday.
It's designed to help senior executives deal with organizational change, understand the shifting global economic environment and learn how to plan strategically within it.
The research service gives an insight into the Japanese industry, discusses its dependence on the prevailing economic scenario, as well as forecasts the future economic environment.
The main factors limiting the business development in the construction sector continue to be connected with the uncertain economic environment and competition in the sector, and in the construction sector, there also was a strengthening of the negative influence of the "shortage of labour" factor, the NSI said.
The coming year bodes to be a macro economic environment of slower growth, moderate inflation and stable declining interest rates, with perhaps one or two downward adjustments in short-term interest rates to offset the negative global economic environment.
The future trends of the economic environment of China have been analyzed along with their impact on the CMF industry.
The uncertain economic environment remains the main factor which obstructs business development in the sphere, followed by insufficient domestic demand.
A new research report released by AEW Capital Management (AEW), a leading real estate investment advisor, concludes that the current economic environment remains .
The future trends in the economic environment of India have been analyzed along with their impact on the CMF industry.
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