business cycle

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recurring fluctuations in economic activity consisting of recession and recovery and growth and decline


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The IFS predicted that Mr Brown will "declare victory" in meeting his golden rule of balancing the current budget, excluding investment, across the economic cycle, when he presents his final Budget next month or in April.
Although it is clear that real estate and its related industries are currently affected by a tough economic cycle on a national level, our immediate world is still functioning well.
Will Washington ignore economic cycles or cut spending during a recession?
As John McKean so eloquently states, marrying data driven analytics with consumer insight is critical for managing through tough economic cycles.
However, economic cycles will always come and go, and businesses must plan accordingly.
Real estate cycles tend to be longer and more pronounced than normal economic cycles.
There are those who say we're over economic cycles,'' said Earl Foster, a Miami money manager, who adds that he's not so sure of that.
Too often real estate gets caught at the butt end of great economic cycles.
Based on predictable economic cycles, there will be a healthy economic boom in the future because of a focus on value and innovation.