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recurring fluctuations in economic activity consisting of recession and recovery and growth and decline


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The FTSE Cyclical Index Series is designed to be sensitive to the economic cycle, whilst the FTSE Defensive Index is designed to be relatively insensitive, thereby providing a mechanism for investors to implement an informed economic view.
It's time these lazy politicians, who are supposed to represent us, the decent working people of this country, woke up and realised that possibly the most incompetent bunch of posh boys ever to run the country may undermine any reason for voting Labour, by simply letting the natural economic cycle take its course.
In other words, it reserves the right to shift the goalposts by shifting the timing of the economic cycle.
However, this confidence may be based on strong performances in the recent past rather than on a good hard look ahead, given that there is also an increase ( from 53% to 67% ( in the proportion of business leaders who fear the UK is either at the top of the economic cycle or already on the downward curve.
TOKYO - Japan's information technology-led economic cycle began in February 1999, peaked in November 2000 and hit bottom in January 2002, the Cabinet Office said Friday.
However, analysts said changes to the economic cycle unveiled by Mr Brown on Tuesday gave him some breathing space and made yesterday's figures less crucial than they would otherwise have been.
They are no longer forecasting that Mr Brown will break his fiscal rules as the Treasury now judges that the current economic cycle started in 1997, two years earlier than previously thought.
It would be hard to name a more relevant or timely topic for sales and marketing today than that of how to cope with economic downturns and upturns, and this is exactly the subject John McKean has insightfully tackled head-on in Managing Customers Through Economic Cycles.
The indices were introduced in an extensive research report entitled "The Economic Cycle and Its Implications for Investing: Introducing the Merrill Lynch Basic Four Economic Cycle Indices," authored by Steve S.
As a result, bankruptcies have tended to rise with the economic cycle, when the banks' improving earnings allow them to deal with problem borrowers more aggressively.
Although it is clear that real estate and its related industries are currently affected by a tough economic cycle on a national level, our immediate world is still functioning well.
At the end of any given economic cycle someone either has that money or the value thereof.
Throughout the economic cycle the industrial vacancy rate never went above 4.
Boeing's significant plant operations continue to expose the city to fluctuations in the employment and economic cycle.
The increase announced today is in line with our previous target average dividend payout range of 25 to 30 percent of earnings over the course of an economic cycle.
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