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control by a powerful country of its former colonies (or other less developed countries) by economic pressures

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Cameron appears to advocate a form of economic colonialism whereby the UK has the right to cherry-pick the most talented and brightest people from other countries.
Or is it that they want to be proud to be Arab, for their culture to be seen as equal to all others, and live free of the condescension and economic colonialism that they feel have beset their homelands since the discovery of oil?
But he does take on the theory that mountain tourism represented a form of economic colonialism.
Colonialism may have ended 30 years ago, but economic colonialism is assumed to continue.
Upon hearing that CanWest, whose flagship publication The National Post has never been very friendly to the Aboriginal viewpoint, was about to enter the world of Aboriginal publishing, both Ross and Lounsbury couldn't help but wonder if they were about to become the victims of 21st century economic colonialism.
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