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Synonyms for economics

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In developing this new index for the Lone Star State, Johnson has computed Comerica Texas Economic Activity Index levels going back to 1997.
Across the 50 states, economic activity has varied markedly over this recession, ranging from -22.
Likewise, tracking growth in the level of tax evasion and understanding the degree of unreported economic activity that takes place are important.
But at the same time, households wouldn't survive without economic activity.
Rather, monetary policy accommodation, coupled with robust underlying growth in productivity, is providing ongoing support to economic activity.
A rise in short-term interest rates may be a harbinger of a future slowdown in real economic activity and demand for credit, putting downward pressure on future real interest rates.
Commercialization as it relates to the aspects of resource extraction within which economic activity can be realized.
Economic activity picks up and moves to where conditions are best.
and Cesare Robotti examine and answer two questions: First, what is a good way of extracting information about future economic activity from asset prices?
In this book, Pack examined the shift in economic activity and population that has occurred in the nation's cities and suburbs as well as the regional differences which have emerged.
Bruegel suggests that the constitutional changes of 1846 stemmed from the laissez-faire ideology that condemned "constraints" on economic activity, but he seems to have missed an opportunity to examine--say by comparing manorial and non-manorial parts of his own region how influential those constraints actually were.
Guzzetti's broad definition of women's economic activity also includes bequests of clothing and other personal effects, usually women's own property rather than the symbolic gifts from husbands suggested by Christiane Klapisch-Zuber.
The first point is that I err in asserting that many or most economists believe that the main influence of interest rates on future economic activity is exerted by long rates rather than short rates.
40) Where distinct and separate economic activities are performed at a single physical location, each activity should be treated as a separate establishment where (1) no one industry description in the classification includes such combined activities; (2) the employment in each such economic activity is "significant"; and (3) separate reports are prepared on the number of employees, their wages and salaries, sales or receipts, property and equipment, and other types of financial data, such as financial statements, job costing, and profit-center accounting.
He also discussed the trade balance of a country, connecting it with the level of economic activity and prosperity.