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Synonyms for downturn

Synonyms for downturn

a worsening of business or economic activity


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A unique contribution of this paper is its examination of job-finding and job-loss rates over six identified economic downturns for Australia.
Additionally, according to a 2001 peer reviewed study published in Health Economics, there was novel evidence that indicated that even among the unemployed, binge drinking increased substantially during economic downturns.
During economic downturns, states can experience difficulties financing programs such as Medicaid.
A nonprofit is particularly vulnerable to unanticipated or other losses, as well as missed opportunities for gain, during economic downturns because it is at these times that a nonprofit's financial and human resources often are especially low.
The researchers found that Hispanic workers are vulnerable to job loss in part because they are underrepresented in managerial and professional positions and jobs that are less vulnerable to economic downturns such as education and health care.
upfront, a potential economic downturn and the threat of disintermediation.
Like all tourism- and second-home-based economies, the district is vulnerable to economic downturns, changes in vacation and recreational trends, and weather conditions.
Fitch took into consideration the current nature of the agricultural industry and the cyclicality of the construction industry to assess the impact of an economic downturn on the frequency of repossessions and on recovery rates (and timing lags) on repossessed equipment.
4 million after a period of little growth between 2001 and 2004 due to the regional economic downturn.
More specifically, food at-home spending typically tends to be impacted sooner by economic downturns but with less dramatic swings than away-from-home food spending.
13% in fiscal 2002 following the economic downturn related to the events of Sept.
The adoption of standard corporate finance techniques and the movement away from a real estate orientation will continue to have a significant effect on balance sheet liquidity among the large builders, leaving them better positioned in the event of an economic downturn.
However, as a resort and second-home area, the district's tourism-based economy remains vulnerable to economic downturns, changes in vacation and recreational trends, and weather conditions.
and Australian markets, for the most part, do not have the same major tenants, which helps to insulate the company from economic downturns and/or major tenant bankruptcies in either country.
On the other hand, securities issued by other components of the transportation network, such as airports, airlines, and freight carriers, have been affected more severely by economic downturns.
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