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the application of mathematics and statistics to the study of economic and financial data

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In his econometric analysis, he found that the chosen sub-groups each behaved differently.
What is held constant or ignored in the econometric analysis are some qualitative, complex social factors that matter the most for explaining how social patterns deliver goods and services (eg, the profit motive or religious orientation).
Separate and distinct econometric analysis are presented in each of the chapters--2 through 4.
Drawing on his vast experience of analyzing Chinese economics, Gregory Chow examines China's transformation from a centrally planned economy to a socialist market economy using econometric analysis as his primary tool.
Many readers may not be totally familiar with the nuances and methods of econometric analysis, but there is ample discussion of the data presented in each chapter to make this an informative and interesting book to a wide audience.
Some institutions are becoming quite sophisticated at using econometric analysis to understand the price sensitivity of their pool, based on historical responses to aid offers.
2003): Econometric Analysis, 5th edition, Prentice Hall, New Jersey.
An often overlooked problem in building statistical models is that of endogeneity, a term arising from econometric analysis, in which the value of one independent variable is dependent on the value of other predictor variables.
This paper presents an econometric analysis of factors influencing demand and supply of pulpwood in Alabama.
Supplier shares are provided by major product segment, and the market forecasts incorporate intensive econometric analysis of leading indicators, penetration rates and product usage per procedures, as well as the important clinical and cost considerations driving usage.
The Connelly-Kimmel article addresses an important issue with a mix of theory, careful econometric analysis, and reasoned policy inference.
The more commonly employed alternative to the growth accounting method is econometric analysis.
One econometric analysis credits the development of financial markets promoted by pension reform and related factors with increasing total factor productivity in Chile by 1 percentage point per year, or half the overall rate of increase.
Sales per employee, per line, and per plant, as well as value added derived from downstream or secondary operations, are some of the parameters benchmarked in An Econometric Analysis of the North American Profile Extrusion Business, a new report from Plastics Custom Research Services in Advance, N.
Able to scale beyond the capabilities of any other debugger and run on all major platforms, Total View is used to debug applications that range from modeling nuclear interactions to simulating oil reservoirs, executing sophisticated econometric analysis, and creating leading edge internet applications.