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Antonyms for environmentalism

the philosophical doctrine that environment is more important than heredity in determining intellectual growth

the activity of protecting the environment from pollution or destruction

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His ecologism and advocacy of organic farming, nowadays presented as his great legacy, had no necessary relation to anything else with which he was deeply involved.
There is some evidence that such engagements between socialism and ecologism are underway.
But the younger painter also moves out on his own to invigorate his monuments, picking up both sides of modern ecologism, the joy we find in nature and the revenge it may be about to take upon us.
These are feminism, multiculturalism, ecologism, and fundamentalism.
The cornerstone of Green ecologism is the idea that humans should survive by having the smallest possible effect on other species.
This volume brings together articles written by various international experts on environmental politics and concentrates on the theoretical aspects of ecologism and the importance of the left-right dimension for green theory and practice.
Justice ecologism in an era of global warming, New Political Science, vol.
Derek Bell (2003, 2005) offers some interesting insights on how rethinking citizenship can aid the promotion of sustainability, suggesting that Dobson's account is a merger of liberalism and ecologism.
For the great legacy of that age with respect to attitudes about nature is best described not as incipient ecologism but rather as a profound ambivalence, the paradoxical recognition that we both master and are mastered by the nonhuman world.