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a system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their physical environment

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Preparing educators to engage families; case studies using an ecological systems framework, 3d ed.
The Arabian Gulf region has become part of the ecological system of the
establishing at all planning levels, economic development plans and projects which take ecological system planning into consideration from the outset?
The commission to be auctioned for the supply seven (7) new ecological systems submersible bins graduated compression.
Other efforts at restoring savannahs, wetlands, tropical forests, and other ecological systems are emerging as well.
In simplified terms, an economy's total burden on the ecological systems that undergird it is a function of three factors: the size of the population, average consumption, and the broad set of technologies the economy uses to provide goods and services.
Once we know about the distribution of foods in these ecological systems, we're in a position to interpret the fossil record more accurately.
Biodiversity is essential for the robustness and adaptability of ecological systems.
He emphasizes contexts that require a unified presentation of methods, including modeling ecological systems subject to disturbances or stresses due to human-nature interactions.
Bypassing what were at the time recent developments in understanding the control of whole ecological systems and their component species, 10 articles originally published in various scientific journals during the 1960s focus mainly on single-species population change.
The USGS has a long history of studying the occurrence, transport, and fate of natural and man-made chemicals in the environment and their effects on ecological systems and wildlife.
The center's charter is to support research in all fields related to the analysis of metals and metal species and their interactions within biological and ecological systems.
The seminar desires to study and discuss the existence management approaches based on knowledge to handle the ecological systems, ensure its safety and bio-diversity and sustainability.
Biomarkers have unlimited potential to clarify the interactions between pollution, ecological systems, and human health in the Arctic environment, says William Suk, director of the Chemical Exposures and Molecular Biology Branch at the NIEHS.
Together, we are advancing the conservation of species, biological communities, and ecological systems in forest landscapes, and identifying landscape-level planning approaches that employ responsible forest practices.
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