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The ecological, economic, and social balance at the heart of ecological sustainability is not confined by the boundaries in a particular site, considered in isolation.
Regarding ecological sustainability and renewable energy we've shown that are involved long-term with it.
She has a research interest in community/place-based learning towards ecological sustainability.
Vineet Mittal, Vice Chairman Welspun Renewables said, "We believe that it's our responsibility to help India meet her development needs by integrating ecological sustainability.
The principles of ecological sustainability must form the basis of any successful resolution to this problem.
The tried and proven proposals in "America Is Not Broke" would guarantee America's prosperity, fairness, democracy, and economic and ecological sustainability.
Ecological Sustainability for Non-timber Forest Products--Dynamics and Case Studies of Harvesting
The machines have been manufactured to deliver superior fabric care while also delivering in terms of ecological sustainability and decreased laundry costs.
They have to take into account human needs and long-term ecological sustainability, in the same time.
Thus, social, economic and ecological sustainability take on a unique importance when one puts faces and families into the equation.
The final theme is the requirements of ecological sustainability, including monitoring of the regeneration rates of renewable resources, the waste absorptive capacities of environmental sinks, the state of critical ecosystems and natural resource stocks, and the rate at which resources are being harvested and wastes are being generated.
A new way of using renewable energy sources in the region is being pioneered here by way of electric vehicles (EVs), with a view to long term economic and ecological sustainability, reports Caribbean News Now (Feb.
And the Prince of Wales was thinking in terms of ecological sustainability long before the phrase was in common use.
Bayraktar called for better inspections to ensure that all fishermen obey fishing season rules to ensure ecological sustainability.
According to Flint Group, UV LED is a significant innovation for the narrow web industry, and the ink and press technology is the answer for economical and ecological sustainability.
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