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In 1997, the vision for the evolution of the YSI brand being tied to ecological sustainability began with its vision statement: "To link YSI as a supplier of technology, products and services to the sources of economic activity that will be derived from the notion of ecological sustainability.
Through the sensible further use of valuable resources, the project with the name "2nd Life" is an innovative example of economic and ecological sustainability.
The ecological sustainability of the NPAS is ensured by means of revisions and additions to the system
Time Magazine, June 1999) Chopra is also the President and CEO of the Alliance for a New Humanity, a nonprofit formed to support policies, causes and actions that favor respect for life, human dignity, freedom, ecological sustainability and peace.
Taking the approach that economic systems do not operate in a vacuum, the authors have updated this edition to reflect the new realities of distributional equity, ecological sustainability, and the roles of households, nonprofit organizations, market institutions and governments in economics.
We are very proud that Rohm and Haas' contributions to innovation and ecological sustainability continue to be recognised by prestigious industry awards - it is an honour for us to be the winning Euroclip contributor," said Dr.
With offices in 11 countries, The Natural Step Framework has helped hundreds of organizations in all sectors to take strategic decisions towards the full scope of social and ecological sustainability.
Martela services will ensure the ecological sustainability of the recycling program, and include, for example, profes- sional reuse, resale, refurbishing and material recycling of used office furniture
Their topics include obstacles and resistances, how education should respond to climate injustice, ecological sustainability and anti-racist education, the defense of humanity for a livable world, environmental adult and social-movement learning, challenges for faith and interfaith education, and improvising global wisdom.
The Hawaii Ecotourism Association, which promotes ecological sustainability, links nearly 100 members which could result in potential acquisitions or partnerships with Hawaiian Hospitality Group either through stimulating business for the event and recreational property or for their renewable energy photovoltaic products.
The sustainability program is a natural extension of Kendall's own long-term commitment to ecological sustainability.
Cooperation between the countries in the Andean region helps ensure the economic, social and ecological sustainability of the management and use of mining resources.
Equatorial Guinea's government is working to foster urban development and ecological sustainability.
This collection of seventeen articles examines the design and manufacturing of long lasting products and the effects of planned and managed obsolescence on ecological sustainability.
passenger comfort for customers and the ecological sustainability of flight operations.
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