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(ecology) the status of an organism within its environment and community (affecting its survival as a species)

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Literally, ecological niche is "a special place", but in ecology, a niche is defined as role of the species or population in ecosystem.
Furthermore, if the ultimate goal is to find a way to fill certain ecological niches which humans have left vacant, then it may not be too long before this ambition is realised for real.
One of the earliest explorations of niche focused on phylogenetic conservatism of ecological niches over the periods of evolutionary history that separated sister species pairs of birds, mammals, and butterflies in southern Mexico (Peterson et al.
The six-legged creatures have adapted to almost every ecological niche imaginable, from the icy heights of the Himalayas to the deserts of Death Valley to the scalding springs of Yellowstone National Park.
The findings of the study on differentiation of the primrose ecological niches according to the natural-and-climatic factors conducted by means of the canonical correlation analysis are indicated on the figure.
The study also found that the earliest acanthomorphs to arrive on the reefs occupied very different ecological niches from one another and later arrivals filled in the gaps, ultimately creating the marine biodiversity hotspots we know today.
For instance, in the Cretaceous Period when the dinosaurs lived, there were mammals but these were very small because dinosaurs occupied the larger ecological niches.
A glossary of relevant behavior, and ecological niches is included.
These results support an eco-immunological interpretation that species such as the cowbird, which inhabit ecological niches with heightened exposure to parasites, experience evolutionary selection for more-effective immune responses.
That is because there are more ecological niches present on a site with more varied habitats.
The biophysical vulnerability of forest ecosystems can be assessed where forests exist and the ecological niches that they occupy.
The 20 bioclimatic variables used to describe the ecological niches of I.
They also contain many examples of best practice and show how some extraction projects are ultimately beneficial to biodiversity, as they can provide high-quality ecological niches.
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