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(ecology) the status of an organism within its environment and community (affecting its survival as a species)

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The six-legged creatures have adapted to almost every ecological niche imaginable, from the icy heights of the Himalayas to the deserts of Death Valley to the scalding springs of Yellowstone National Park.
Ecological niche modeling (ENM) has been used in the study of the ecological characteristics and distribution of a variety of diseases, such as dengue fever (12), leishmaniasis (13), plague (14,15), tularemia (14,16), West Nile virus infection (17), avian influenza (18,19), filovirus infections (20,21), and monkeypox (22-24).
The dysbiotic gastrointestinal (Gl) tract cannot maintain stable ecological niches because of a disruption of the complex, dynamic, and spatially diversified microbiotica and its microbiome of collective genomes.
The biophysical vulnerability of forest ecosystems can be assessed where forests exist and the ecological niches that they occupy.
So what we see arising are multiple new ad-hoc structures filling ever more ecological niches, and almost all of these structures are some kind of partnership that cuts across the old structures.
The model organisms are covered in detail, but an effort has also been made to represent the diversity of filamentous fungis and their ecological niches, as well as the means of investigating them.
gattii is an invasive species, one that is expanding into ecological niches that it has not previously been known to occupy.
Perhaps the morphological "species" and their ecological niches are repeatedly re-invented on different islands (Zink 2002).
This partitioning of the population is suggested by the biological concept of ecological niches.
The UBC scientist, Karen Bartlett, explains, "As climate change happens, new ecological niches will become available to organisms, and we will see this kind of thing happen again.
Known as marsupials, these animals had pouches but filled ecological niches populated elsewhere by lions, hyenas, hippos, tapirs, and other large animals.
In order to survive and endure, images require ecological niches or ecosystems that provide hospitable habitats or environments for their future growth: such as workshops, ateliers, and academies, as well as related ecosystems for display--churches, courts, museums, galleries.
These islands were originally covered with a thick subtropical rain forest, a rich ecosystem that provided countless ecological niches for arriving species to exploit.
This example suggests that sex differences in personality may be related to the ecological niches occupied by the two sexes in a species, and illustrates how a comparative approach can offer a fresh perspective on the interplay between social and biological factors in personality.
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